I like to picture Jesus as a mischievous badger


Last night we were watching some Olympics, and when we got to the women's speed skating portion, I was semi-appalled at Canada's outfits. I mean, OBviously the Olympics is not about the outfits, but it was as though the Canadian speed skating outfit design committee chairman said to the others, "Okay, so we're designing an outfit for extremely fit women. How can we make them look as dumpy and out of shape as possible? I want ideas, people!" I mean, really? The selectively shiny parts? The enwidening fabric shading? That godawful chest criss-cross? They had to have done it on purpose; there is no other explanation.

I wish I had other things to report to you that you would be interested in. I knitted this weekend and made these:

made these this weekend

I also did chores and walked with Francisco and ..... that's about it. I haven't been feeling my best the past several days and so I've been a bit lazy. But today I went out at lunch and picked up our Hawaii prints from the Vivitar and the disposable underwater camera. I looked at them and was not knocked out by any of them, but a second look might make me like them more (that happens a lot).

Okay, I'm done.




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