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The theme of this weekend was Spending Money. We didn't really intend it to be, and we did not spend money obnoxiously, but we did spend it. Most of it went to Costco on Saturday (biggest ticket items were new sunglasses for Francisco -- he lost his previous pair and needs them for patrol, and renewal on our Costco membership. Expensive! But worth it.) We also bought lots of produce and healthy foods and two Polish pottery coffee mugs, plus a pack of toilet paper so large you'd think there was an impending Poopocalypse. MUCH smaller amounts of money were spent at Target and Craft Warehouse on Saturday as well. Then on Sunday I ordered 50 pendant bails and 50 ring blanks (OMG I'm so excited for those ring blanks!), and I also renewed my Diaryland membership, at the Super Gold level, because I want the comments feature (my 30 days free Echo comments will be expiring soon). I am so totally done spending money now; I have zero desire to buy anything else anytime soon.

Oh! But I forgot to report that we also went to Value Village (thrift store) on Saturday and got a couple Christmas presents and other small things AND I was able to increase my Baby Jesus collection by 3 whole Baby Jesuses!!!1! This makes a grand total of 9 Baby Jesuses, for those of you keeping count. At Value Village I also procured a creepy doll head for $2, bringing my creepy doll head collection to 6. Value Village is A+++++ will definitely shop again.

We got our Rosetta Stone disks last week and Francisco installed them on the laptop and desktop. He has done some lessons and yesterday I made myself a new user account thingy (so easy) and did some lessons. They're fun and it only took me maybe 10 minutes to stop giggling every time I got the dramatic guitar strum noise that signals a correct answer. Francisco says I can turn it off but I can't imagine why I'd want to do that. I told the Probie (student coworker) today about the guitar strum noise, and he suggested I may end up hearing a phantom guitar strum after every successful real-life Spanish conversation. Gosh I hope so.

You know, now that I really think about it, it might actually be a harp strum noise. Either way, that is one dramatic strum.




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