I started a diary entry on Friday and did not finish it. Here are some of the things I wanted to tell you that day:

Julian story received from Sonny via email this afternoon:

"I forgot to tell you that I raced Julian yesterday and I kicked his ass! As I was riding home from campus, I spotted a kid on the sidewalk about to mount his razor scooter. I slowed down my bike, gave him the look of challenge and we were off to the corner. I knew it was Juligan when I heard him shouting "you bastard" as I smoked him."

I picked up my cross-processed photos today at lunch, and by and large they didn't turn out all that great, but there are a few good ones. Then I went to the best bakery in town (very near the photo place) and got a loaf of rustic sourdough, to have with dinner. Life is good.

In thinking about why I hate my job so much nowadays, I've concluded it's because my job responsibilities are no longer playing to my strengths. When I started here, it was my primary job to evaluate files, and That is one of my strengths. I LIKE it, even. I kick ass at it. But apparently after I did such a good job with the files, they decided I should apply myself to things which require a lot of problem-solving, in a mistaken belief that because I was good with the files I would be good with this problem stuff, but that is not correct. I am not good at it and I loathe it, and because this is the way my job is now, I am going to move on to a job that will utilize my strengths, and hope I am not "rewarded" with work I hate after I do a good job with work I like. Or maybe I should just win the lottery and stop working entirely--I think that would be a lot better.

Here are things that I would like to tell you today:

1) I'm waiting for the bra I ordered from online to arrive--it only just shipped yesterday so I guess maybe it'll arrive at the end of the week. It's a pretty huge size but I'm hoping it will fit. I've been squeezing the girls into a DDD and have just recently admitted to myself that I need to size up. I measured myself with the website's measuring instruction guide, and I won't tell you the cup size that indicates I should buy, because it's ludicrous, but I'm hoping what I ordered (a compromise) will fit. If not, I will mail it back and order a different size. I will keep exchanging as long as I have to to find the perfect fit, at which point I will order a few more in that size. I am just so TIRED of having to adjust my bra every 5 minutes, you know? It's time to resolve this situation. I'm 40.

2) Francisco just found out this afternoon that because he has been working as a reserve deputy continuously since he applied for the reserves, he doesn't have to do another polygraph and psych evaluation (he had to do those for the reserves). And the department is working on his background check even as we speak, but what's funny is they already signed him up for the police academy--the session that starts July 1. So I guess the background check is pretty much just a formality in this case--woo-hoo!

3) I went clothes shopping on Saturday (after working during the morning at the open house I totally forgot about when making morning shopping plans) and did not find any clothes, because every garment I looked at made me want to retch. What IS it with fashion nowadays? And why do almost all the tops available have empire waists? I do not wish to look pregnant, even if it IS all the rage. I'll try again with the shopping thing; maybe the stores will get something non-fugly in stock.

4) This weekend I watched 5 Torchwood episodes; 4 on Netflix and one that was new, from BBCA. My love for that show continues.

5) Otherwise this weekend, I made a cd for a friend of my parents, to send with a thank you card for the cello concerto cd he sent us, and Francisco and I had dinner with Twyla on Saturday night (Sonny stayed home with a sick Lou). I also did chores this weekend and put the final coat of shellac on the cinnamon roll that I will now put into a shadow box and hang on my wall at work. And I buried a bird I found dead in our yard. I think that about covers the weekend goings-on.

Francisco will be here any minute (he is going to walk me home) and on the way I will feed my favorite kitten. He has worked his way up to letting me pet his head and scratch behind his ears, and he rubs on me when I squat to feed him. Yesterday he ran through my legs as I was squatted, too, and that made me laugh. Soon I will steal him and make him our cat; I'm still working out the kinks of that plan, but there is no way I can NOT steal him. He's the sweetest.




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