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Here is yet another reason I love this town. A few days ago I was reading our local paper (a slim publication) and like always I read the police blotter. There were two items in particular that caught my interest. The first said that a 20 year old male was reportedly exhibiting symptoms of alcohol poisoning. The second followed the first and said something like, "Twenty minutes later, a 20 year old male was reportedly pulling his IVs out in the hospital emergency room". And I just. TWENTY MINUTES LATER, that is genius.

I'm feeling pretty grown up today, for kind of a silly reason. Francisco and I spent time last night measuring some windows in our house and making decisions, because we're ordering shades and blinds. Specifically we're ordering roman shades for our bedroom and some bamboo blinds for the kitchen and upstairs bedroom. I felt like sort of a loser for awhile about ordering the roman shades instead of making them, since theoretically I COULD make them, but because I've never made roman shades before, and because we want them specifically to black out the bedroom (special lining and whatnot), I have concluded that even though they will be expensive, it's worth it to buy them. If I made them, I don't think they'd come out looking all that great, and I want them to look as good as possible. I'm 40.

Under consideration for our bedroom is an idea I had for our dresser, which is kind of a double wide, with 20 drawers; 10 on each side. We've been planning to build a new bed--kind of a platform bed with drawers underneath--and I had the idea to incorporate the dresser by turning the back of it into a padded headboard. I think this could work well (our bedroom is kind of long and narrow), but I'm not sure what we would do for reading lamps. Maybe we could drill cord holes through the top of the dresser and run the wires down the back of the drawers and then they could come out the bottom of the dresser and be concealed under a long, narrow rug, on their way to the electrical outlet. This seems like a good solution; who knows how it would work in practice.

Give it up for my diary, folks. No topic too small!!

I'll talk to you later.



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