is that a light?


I went out at lunch to buy a birthday present for Twyla [Happy Birthday Twyla!!] and I also went to the grocery store to get lunch. I got sushi and a thing of Skittles, because I can't seem to get enough Skittles into my body lately, though I've been giving it my best effort. The checkout lady asked me the usual, "How are you today?", and I said, "I am filled with optimism", because it's true. WHY I'm filled with optimism is something I'm not yet ready to share with the whole internet, due to the judgement that will inevitably come my way, but Gosh it's nice to feel optimistic; it's been awhile since I felt this way. I believe everything is going to work out.

When I was out at lunch I saw a man coming toward me who I thought was the guy who inspected our house. I gave him a big hello when he got close, but only after I'd said it did I realize it was NOT the guy. Whoever he is, he thinks I am a very friendly person.

Also when I was out walking, I decided that this weekend I will go shopping for some new spring/summer clothes, because I'm tired of feeling dowdy--I want to feel cute. Maybe I'll shop on Saturday morning so I can wear cute clothes on Saturday night when Francisco and I go out with Twyla and Sonny, to celebrate Twyla's birthday. That sounds like a pretty good plan. I also need to buy some new bras, and one of the Janets recommended a bra to me that I think could be The One. This Janet has a great rack, which is of course why I asked about the bra she wears. It can be ordered online so I plan to order one tonight and hope it fits so I can order more. Bra shopping has always been such a trauma for me, hence the big damn deal I am making out of it.

I would write more, but Catie posted a link to this and now I am dead from too much cuteness.




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