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It's 10:26 and I'm trying to work but am distracted by being hungry. I had breakfast--a "Power Bare" bar--at 8:30 and would now like to eat my mid-morning snack (a Baby Bel) but want to wait until at least 11:00 because I don't get lunch until 1:00 and know I'll get hungry again before that. This kind of hunger, which I think is ramped up a bit today because I went to the gym this morning and worked hard, is exactly why I'm considering swallowing a couple installments of tablespoons of extra light olive oil per day, like Atomic's been doing. I guess this is the main component of the "Shangri-La" diet, which is, of course, detailed in a book that I'm not going to buy. One is supposed to swallow a tablespoon of the oil 1-3 times per day, at least an hour after eating and at least an hour before eating again--I'm thinking 10:30 would be an ideal time for a first oil serving, for me. I will purchase the oil this evening (we only have extra virgin olive oil in the house currently) and will begin swallowing it tomorrow. Hopefully I can keep this a secret from my coworkers, as I can only imagine the hubbub they would create if they found out I was swallowing straight oil.


It is now 11:25. I have eaten my Baby Bel and do not feel satisfied but I will soldier on. This morning I got to my gym at about 5:15 and everyone who's usually in the gym when I arrive was standing in the parking lot, in a little clump. They looked at my car as I turned in so I rolled down my window, stopped, and said, "Hello, boys, what's shaking? Is the gym not open?" One of them told me that Amanda, the chick who opens the gym in the mornings, celebrated her 21 birthday last night and apparently wasn't feeling up to working today. I said okay and parked, got out, and stood near them. I was tempted to flat-out join their clump, but I felt funny about it because I've only ever talked to one of them before, so I refrained. A few minutes later, Dale, the owner of the gym, (looking a bit unhappy but not super angry) arrived and opened the place. I got on a bike and started pedaling and reading, but a couple minutes later some girl I'd never seen before asked me if I could help her figure out the buttons on a stair stepper. I got off my bike and helped her, then went back to my bike. She used the stair stepper for maybe 10 minutes and then switched to the bike next to me. She had a little trouble ascertaining how it turned on (I assisted her with that as well) and then there were no more interruptions and I pedaled until 6:00. I didn't mind helping her but I thought it was a little odd that someone in that good of shape apparently had never used a stair stepper or recumbent bike before. I mean, I'm far, far less fit than she is and there's no machine at the gym that I had not used, and subsequently cursed, before I ever arrived at my current gym. Maybe she's from someplace with warmer winters/cooler summers and has been able to do her exercising outside up until now; I'm going to assume that.


It's 2:36 and I have arthritis in my left hand. At first I thought it was cool, because it seemed only to act up when it was going to rain, and who doesn't want to predict the weather? Nobody, that's who. But I've started to feel it pretty much all the time so I've been taking Glucosamine to see it that will help at all. I'm skeptical, but it can't hurt to try it, yes? That olive oil swallowing thing is purported to also cure achy joints, so who knows; it might become a non-problem. Although in that case, how would I know if the crops were going to be saved? I draw the line at watching the Weather Channel.


It's 4:24 and Sharky's birthday is tomorrow. We haven't yet gotten him his gifts, because we hadn't thought to discuss it in advance and the whole birthday kind of snuck up on us. His main gift is going to be some "extremely cool" hoodie he's been talking about but which I cannot find on the internets, despite much scouring. He's just going to have to show it to us tomorrow and watch us order it. We're also going to put money on his iTunes account and get him some other small gift tonight to give to him tomorrow, and plus I'll go to the market early tomorrow morning and get some donuts for his breakfast. He doesn't get up until after we're both gone to work, but I'll leave them in the kitchen with a lovey birthday note and I know he'll enjoy that--he loves him some donuts. Baby Frances' birthday is on the 18th and on Sunday we're going over to Twyla and Sonny's for a joint Frances/Sharky party. Paging Twyla: We need to talk about what your brother and I can bring for this shindig. And also what Baby Frances might like to receive as a gift. Over.


It's 4:41 and we're having tacos (soft) for dinner. They are my current favorite dinner and in fact we had them last night also, but we're having them again because we still have grilled pork we need to finish. I am not complaining. Yesterday evening we went to the market to get cilantro and we also got a couple of cans of peach nectar, for the poor people Bellinis. We tried them and I approve that beverage, though next time I want the portions of wine and nectar to be about equal--there was too much nectar in them last night.

Signing off for now.



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