sweet sixteen


Internet, I will bet you $10* Baby Rich calls in sick to work tomorrow, and if you take that bet, you are a sucker. That is all.

As you know, I burn with love for this town, but I do have one complaint: Most people choose to water their lawns/yards in the early morning or just after they get home from work. Many people who are watering their lawns and do not have sprinkler systems tend to position their sprinklers badly, so that water sprays over the sidewalk while I'm trying to walk on it. And it's not that I'm made of sugar and will melt if water touches me [though I totally am and I totally will], but when I'm walking to work I will detour around the water because I don't particularly want to start my work-day with wet legs. Therefore it would be nice if the waterers could actually look at what they're moistening [sorry Kimmy] and position their sprinklers accordingly so I could just walk on the sidewalk and not have to, like, MOVE. Universe, if you could get right on that, I'd be grateful. I mean, not to even Mention how much water is getting wasted, which is a LOT. This sprinkler thing is problematic on many levels.

This morning I showered [and melted, and re-formed] and was getting ready to leave the house, specifically getting ready to go to the market to get Sharky's birthday donuts, when I heard him get up. What the. That kid hasn't gotten up before I left for work during his whole summer vacation, but he chooses today to get up early and ruin my surprise? The nerve. I got the donuts anyway and made him coffee to go with them, and while I was making his coffee he was folding his laundry. After I went to work he cleaned his room "real good"--I found this out when I called him later this morning--and I wonder if he's turning over a new leaf or if he just felt like doing that stuff today. I guess I'll find out tomorrow, yeah? We're taking him to dinner tonight (probably--he might decide he'd rather go tomorrow instead) and will give him his presents and let him choose what to watch on television, etc. I think I'll be teaching him the mechanics of driving pretty soon--he's studying for his learners permit test--which is how Francisco and I decided to divide up the driver's education. I'm going to teach him to operate the truck (manual transmission, which I think is an important skill to learn), and Francisco will teach him the rules of the road. Shark's dreading the lessons but I think he'll be happy after he gets his license. Then Francisco and I can commence worrying full-time. Yay! Happy 16th birthday, kid.

Mini sent me some new pictures of Amelie and one of them was so cute I abandoned my arty desktop picture in favor of seeing that gorgeous baby all day long. She hurts my heart, y'all. If only Mini would've accepted one of my offers of purchase while I was there, but no, she refused to sell her to me. Some sisters are so Selfish.

Talk to you later.


* Legal disclaimer: These dollars are imaginary and no money will be paid out should Baby Rich actually drag his sorry ass in here tomorrow. So saith Eva, so saith you all. Amen.



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