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I'm having an extremely bad skin week (which started last week, thanks very much) and today I have a zit that's so big I feel it's casting a shadow. I mean, it isn't really, but I'm feeling v. self-conscious of it. Damn hormonal fluctuations!

So I don't think I told you, but before I went to Mini's I had a couple days when I was quite dizzy [if this happens to you ever, I urge you not to Google "causes of dizziness"; you do NOT need that information], and on the second day (the day I flew to NC) I took a Sudafed, because I remember Francisco was dizzy once and an RN told him to try it, and it worked for him. It did seem to cure my dizziness, and when the dizzy recurred later that week, I once again successfully treated it with Sudafed. I told my doctor about it at my checkup and he looked in my ears. Apparently there's no inner-ear fluid, but there's fluid in my middle ear, probably due to allergies, which I've been having. He said I could take the Sudafed when it bothered me or I could try using Flonase, which would do the same thing except more effectively. I decided to give the Flonase a shot and have been using it for a few days, and I think it's helping my allergies, but I'm not enjoying snorting that stuff up my nose. It smells unwholesome, and after a few minutes it exits out the back door of my sinuses, and that is not pleasant. I'll use the whole first .... thingie?....container?... and see if I want to refill it. The other option he gave me was to go to physical therapy to learn to cope with the dizziness, but it's not chronic or anything, so I'm not really into that idea. Maybe I should forgo any medicines and just start wearing a football helmet; I think that would make me really popular.

Okay, you know how Kimmy's and my visits to Mini's overlapped by a few days? I briefly mentioned our fun slumber parties (we shared a room at Mini's) but that slight mention in no way did justice to how awesome Kimmy is. Kimmy is one of my favorite people ever. She's very kind and patient, which makes her sound saintlike, but she knows bullshit when she hears it and is not afraid to speak her mind. She's totally hilarious and her stories had me laughing so hard that I couldn't breathe and also I was afraid we'd wake up Mini's household when everyone including us was supposed to be sleeping. Anyway, if you get the chance to meet Kimmy (I still didn't do her greatness justice but you'll have to trust me), you should absolutely take it.



I want to post some pictures of Amelie but I'm not going to because I don't know if her parents want her pictures on the internets. I miss the hell out of that baby--she's so amazing.

There are other things I'd report if I had the energy, but it's been a busy day again and I want to go home and have dinner with my boys. Do you know what's a good, albeit very lowbrow, alcoholic beverage for summer? A short tumbler full of ice and white wine. I'm thinking about adding peach nectar to this beverage to make a poor man's Bellini (actual Bellinis are made with champagne, right? I think that's right); if I can remember to buy peach nectar I'll do this and report back. Ooh, or maybe I could freeze the nectar and use that as the ice cubes! I think that's a pretty good idea, I don't care what anyone says.

My brain is so tired.




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