my hinder's asleep


It is I, the one who bores you lately. Did you miss me? Listen, I just wanted to let you know that, while work still sucketh mightily, and also while Esther still cougheth 4+ times per night, waking me up every time, things are looking up. I'm burning through my work and should have it caught up by the weekend, barring any unforeseen badness. Also, today Francisco got Esther's vet to give her a prescription for more antibiotics, because it's just too weird the way she all of a sudden got the frequent and bad coughing again (last week). The prednisone she gets every day suppresses her immune system, so it's not unlikely she could've picked up another infection, and judging by the way the antibiotic cleared things right up last time, I'm betting this next round of antibiotics will do it again. The vet says when Esther is better she wants to switch her from prednisone to an inhalent steroid, which is fine with me, now that Esther is used to inhaling things and no longer fights tooth and nail to get away. So, I'm tired today (5 times with the coughing last night) but I have hope I might be able to sleep through the night sometime soon and will be a much happier and more interesting person.

But for right now, I'm going home to have dinner and rest my weary old bones. Plus, drink a little wine and obsessively check the music blogs I have bookmarked (more on the music blogs tomorrow--all you need to know about that right now is, it's all Ruby's fault). It's not a bad life.

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