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The neighbor cat, Toby, who had us under siege for such a long time, seems to not live next door anymore. Our neighbor hasn't moved, but we never see Toby anymore, and Francisco thinks Toby has gone to live with our neighbor's daughter and granddaughter. Instead, now there's Another cat, from some other house in the cul-de-sac (probably where people moved in a few weeks ago) who has come to visit. We haven't named her yet (we Think she's a girl--not sure) but she's white with black splotches on her and is very cute. She reminds me of The Dictator a little bit--a cat who used to hang around the building I worked in at Caltech--but she doesn't have the splotch moustache. Unlike Toby, the new cat hasn't begun stalking us or trying to get in our house; it's a refreshing change, but I do kind of miss him a little bit.

Recently I've been hearing songs from an album by Petra Haden; her acapella version of 'The Who Sells Out'. It was released in February (it's not Breaking News or anything) so I'm not sure why I'm only hearing the music now, but I'm liking it. I'm also liking The Thievery Corporation quite a lot right now, so Universe, keep the music a'comin'!

You know what southern pronunciation I find strangely charming? When people say "DAY-dee" for "daddy". I mean, it's a little strange to hear grown people calling their dads "daddy" no matter how it's pronounced, because I'm from the Pacific NW and we really don't do that over there, but mostly it charms me.

Work still sucks, and today it was a extra sucky due to some things that popped up and had to be done RIGHT THAT DAMN MINUTE, but whatever. The ladies downstairs continue to bring me files at an unseemly rate, and I keep wishing for a fake rifle so I could point it at my office door and say, "Git offa mah property!" when they try to come in with more files. Maybe I'll bring in Boy's fake rifle--it's kind of a green color, so the fakeness is obvious and it shouldn't alarm anyone.

Last weekend, upon the recommendation of a coworker, I purchased a tube of Aveda Curl Cream, and I really love it. The hair is fantastically curly and shiny and all good things hair should be. Probably the recent increase of humidity is helping with the curl as well, but I choose to credit the product and only wish it didn't smell a little bit like coleslaw dressing.

I want to talk about music blogs, except there are so many of them and for so many different kinds of music, that thinking about where to start with them makes me tired. Ruby (an AtomicFriend) pointed me over to several that she likes, but I think I'm just going to point y'all to one, because that blog links to a few dozen other blogs, and those link to other blogs, and so on, and pretty soon (if you're like me) you'll have 30 blogs bookmarked and will be scrambling to keep up with them. I like the blogs because they give me the opportunity to listen to and download music I might not otherwise hear, and I just wish I had more time to keep up with them. Anyway, this is the blog I wanted to point you to, because I love covers so much and because this blogger has links to a large variety of other blogs, if you wanted to check those out. Also, that blog has a couple of Petra Haden songs available right now (don't delay--they won't be there long), and I blabbed about her and her new album four paragraphs ago, so I'm just bringing it back around.

Esther only coughed a couple of times last night, so I got more sleep and feel almost human today. I'm really sorry for Esther, because I know the antibiotic she's getting right now upsets her stomach, so we've decided to give her canned food twice a day, a few minutes before she gets the meds, to try and keep the nausea to a minimum. But still, she's a bit listless and pity-making, and hopefully she'll want to cuddle up on the couch with me tonight so I can feel I'm giving her a big of comfort in her time of trials. There's really no way to convey Esther's fabulousness to you, so you'll just have to trust me.

Going home now, kittens.

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