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Can I just say, I think it's weird and creepy to haul a body around the country so people can look at it. I realize Reagan was an important person in our country's history and all that, but he's a cadaver now, and I don't get why he's being toured around like a museum exhibit. If you read Stiff, you know that even though he's embalmed, they've had to shove stuff up his nose and his butt and into his ears to keep the fluid that accompanies decomposition from leaking out. There are puffy things in his eye sockets to make it look like his eyes Haven't sunk into his skull, and he's most likely wearing a diaper. How is this a dignified exit for a president? I say bury him already--enough with the traveling freak show. Personally, I want to be composted, the Swedish way, after I die, but if that's not available in our country at that point, then I want to be cremated. I told the Boy a few weeks ago that I want to be composted or burned, and he defiantly said he was going to have me mummified. That doesn't appeal to me, but I still like it better than the idea of being put into the ground to rot. Sorry to be groce, but hearing newscasters detailing Reagan's body's itinerary is creeping me out.

Francisco bought us the new David Sedaris book, 'Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim'. We took it with us on Monday when we drove Boy to camp, and I read some of the stories out loud. The first one had us all laughing so hard we were crying, and I have to say, he's done it again. Also, he includes a story about his sister, Tiffany, who he's never written about before (or if he did, I've never seen the stories), and she sounds fantastically odd, like their sister, Amy. I highly recommend this book and I'm looking forward to seeing him in person when he's here for a reading in October.

I hope Boy is having fun at camp, because I have to say, we're enjoying his absence. I mean, we adore him and he's fun to have around, but it's very freeing to only have ourselves to take care of. Tonight Francisco is having dinner with a friend, and I have a friend calling for a phone date, and it's like we're People again, you know? And this weekend Francisco is going to the big annual Shootenanny Roundup, on both Saturday and Sunday (he hopes to win his division, and I bet he will), and I'm just giddy with the thought of two whole days to do whatever I want. I think I'll do some light shopping, and who knows what else. It's very exciting.

I've been working a lot, trying to get as much done as possible before my vacation, so I don't have much of interest to report. Hopefully things are interesting where You are.


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