spelling lesson


I only have a few things. First of all, there is only one 'f' in chafe, chafing, chafed. This is not pertinent to anything I've read recently, but for awhile there anytime someone wrote about chafing, they spelled it 'chaffing'. This is not correct. You're only hurting yourself with this rambunctious behavior.

Secondly, our office took a job candidate to lunch today--the candidate I didn't like too much--and he didn't do anything to change that opinion. There were nine of us at the table, and the candidate (nicknamed Golf Boy, by me) talked about golf or sports with my boss the whole time. I wonder if my boss's butt is CHAFED from all that kissing.

Lastly, Francisco bought me a book that I've been wanting, and he had to order it from a bookstore in Denmark because it's out of print and is consequently being sold here for $160-$180 (originally $35, from the publisher). This Danish bookstore just happened to have copies in stock, and I tried to figure out how to order from them myself, but the website confused me. With shipping it was probably almost $70, but that's a lot better than the $160 some people want for it. It's a photography book, just so you know. I am very happy and excited to get it, and Francisco is just the best man EVER.

I am really very busy.


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