he sprang fully formed from under a rock, apparently


We took the Boy to camp today, and it was basically an uneventful trip, though long. The best part of it was when we arrived at camp, because at the moment we all stepped out of the car, Francisco and I ceased to exist in the Boy's world. He was studiously ignoring us, probably in the hope that his peers would think he didn't have parents and instead had been raised by wolves. We got him into his cabin and checked in with the nurse, after which Boy's presence was not required anymore, and he went with his cabin to have lunch. We only needed to hang around to check in at the camp office, and when I went into the lunchroom to tell Boy that we'd put money into his camp account (to buy stuff at the camp store), he barely turned his face my way and then said, "okay" and looked the other direction. I know a lot of parents might feel hurt by this kind of thing, but we find it amusing. I remember being embarrassed by my parents, and I know all kids go through it, and I know one day he'll realize we're pretty cool after all. But jeez, it's just so Funny. It's like he's trying to project something along the lines of, "Yeah, these people are raising me, and they gave me a ride out here, but we're really not that close. I barely know them, to tell you the truth--we have very little in common". We laughed all the way back to the main road. Man, adolescence is tough, and we're just getting started. Send help.


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