but he let that barking dog off with a warning


My parents arrived safely on Thursday evening and we had a nice visit with them. They're officially elderly now and therefore have different comfort requirements, and most of the time we could fulfill those, but my dad's back started bothering him the day before they left and there wasn't much we could do for him. I hope they thought the trip was worth it; it was good having them here. They left on Sunday morning and we were kind of at loose ends on Sunday and Monday (I took that day off), because for a good two months we were working on things to get done before they came up, and now that they've been and gone, we're not sure what to do. I guess it's back to my Color-Coded Master To Do List. I have 3 sweaters to knit for little niece-types, so I should hurry up and start.

Francisco's leg has healed up and he goes back to work tomorrow night at 4:00. I won't say he's antsy to start working again, but today he ticketed Esther for littering, so you can draw your own conclusions.

The garden is going a little crazy, especially the pumpkins, muskmelon, and watermelons. They're viney, you know, so they're crawling everywhere, and I like that but it's hard to water without dragging the hose over them. I have a favorite watermelon -- it's the one that deposited itself right on top of the one pepper plant that refused to get more than 3 inches tall. Take THAT, pepper! You are dead and it's all your own fault.

Francisco and I went out for lunch today, to a little restaurant that has great paninis. We both had the one with grilled vegetables and cheese and aioli. The Heart Healthy panini, I think it was called? That's a joke because those paninis are not exactly low in fat, and they're served with potato chips. Afterwards we went two doors down to the fabric store's new location, and I think it's going to be great, but right now it's mostly empty and very aesthetically displeasing. But! They have wool felt in gorgeous colors, and I need wool felt for a top secret Christmas gift I'm making for someone who actually is not reading my diary, so why am I being coy? It's for my mother-in-law -- I'm going to make her some pillows for her sofa that feature the profiles of her granddaughters. I haven't mentioned this project to said granddaughters or their parents, so hopefully they won't mind. If they do, I'll just switch to Esther and Lucy's profiles. She/they is/were also her granddaughter(s). Yech, it is syntax-icly sucky to have one live cat and one dead cat.

One last completely unrelated thing: We grew golden beets this year instead of red beets, and I miss pooping magenta.




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