Last Saturday I went out shopping with my friend, Kara, except neither of us bought anything but juice. The place we got juice is this small hut-like building with a little greenhouse (with seating) off the back, and gardens in back of that. I've been seeing this place for the 4 years we've lived in Eburg but I've never seen anyone go in or out, so I assumed that, like so many weird buildings in Eburg, it wasn't what it said it was. Imagine my surprise and happiness to discover that they do, indeed, serve juice. You can get one of their combos or make up your own. I chose the veggie juice combo and WOW it was delicious. It was so delicious I keep thinking about it and craving it, but part of the deliciousness was due to how much garlic was in there, and I don't want to inflict the stinky aftermath of the juice on Francisco again, so soon. I'll wait until he returns to work and I'll go get that juice on an evening before his work schedule will keep me fom seeing him for a couple days. Hoo boy I can hardly wait.

I don't know if I've mentioned this before, but a few months ago people in my office started getting visited by union representatives because apparently our positions are up for possible unionization. I really have no idea how the whole thing even started, but this means I could get stuck in a union without my consent, and that pisses me off. I don't think it's right that I would have to start paying monthly dues for something I don't want, and which would SURELY do me absolutely no good whatsoever. I say that because there are a couple people in our office (with different job classifications) who got stuck in a union they didn't want and who, just like the rest of us, were recently forced to go to an 11.5 month contract. The union couldn't prevent that happening to them, so why should I think they'll do the rest of us any good? All I know is, I'm voting NO, and from what I've heard, it sounds like most people plan to vote NO, so hopefully the union will be forced to fuck off and leave us alone. If they somehow get voted in, then I just don't know what. Vandalism spree?

My parents arrive today! We did ALMOST all the things on our pre-parent visit To Do list, and the things that didn't get done are quite minor. Francisco bought a queen-sized bed and it got delivered and set up yesterday, and it's quite comfortable for two people, so I'm really happy we did that. Francisco hung up the Tibetan prayer flags on the back patio lanai, and I love them. Now if only the foods we purchased to feed them meet with their approval, everything will be perfect. I TRIED to get my mom to tell me what foods they don't like, but she said they will like whatever we make, and that was almost certainly false and no help whatsoever, so if they hate something, it's their own fault.

One last thing: Before we went on our big vacation last winter, I was determined not to get sick, so I started being super fastidious about what I touched and not touching my eyes and whatnot. Part of that whole thing was, when I used the bathroom, I'd use the paper towel I dried my hands with to open the bathroom door and the door to our office. The reason I'm telling you this is I've continued to do this and I haven't gotten sick at all this year. Or at least, not a cold or flu -- the intestinal thing doesn't count. I did, of course, wake up with a cold the day we left for our vacation, but I put that down to the Universe being a giant smartass.

Four day weekend!




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