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I woke up dizzy this morning, and it's not going away, meaning that I'm not happy, Eddie. Also, re: yesterday's quiz question, only one person (so far) was an undercover flashlight reader, which is fewer people than I would've guessed, but maybe it's just that former flashlight readers don't frequent the interweb--who knows?

The dizzy did not prevent me from enacting The Great Office Purge of 2005 this afternoon. I'm not sure what got into me (maybe the caffeine--see also: two paragraphs down), but I tore through my desk and files and etc and got rid of tons and tons of stuff. Most of it got recycled, some had to be shredded, but no matter where it went, it's out of my office and that rocks. I am caught up on my emails and I will be catching up my other stuff in the next 3 days so that next week I will be the girl who is all caught up (and can therefore spend time working on Mitch Masters, Private Investgator). I can't believe I've neglected that for so long, except I Can believe it, because I'm a terrible procrastinator.

Have I talked about The Up Series? I can't remember if I talked about it, but oh Man is it good! If you have Netflix you should run over and put it in your queue. This weekend we watched 28 Up, and we watched 35 Up last night, which disturbed me greatly, because there were two people who were not interviewed and there was no explanation for their absence (another person was not interviewed and the narrator said he'd declined to be involved). Where are they? Are they okay?? We have 42 Up coming in the mail soon, and I hope we'll find out where those two went. I've decided Bruce is my favorite, because he's really articulate and honest, he knows who he is, and he has good priorities. Just so you know, if you watch the series you will most likely worry about the people involved. I didn't expect to worry about them, but I think I sort of fell for them when they were 7 years old and chirpy and funny, so now, I can't Not care what happens to them. They were so cute when they were 7! Something from 7 Up that's regularly quoted in our household is, "They're a bit rough and tumble for my liking. One of them hit me in the back quite hard and I still have a pain there." What a crackup!

This morning, in a frenzy of happiness over having actual milk that's mine all mine in the office refrigerator, I had Lenny the cappuccino machine make me four shots of espresso, consumed two at a time with the milk. I do not recommend this course of action, as chugging that much espresso so quickly made my intestines rumble threateningly. Thankfully it was a sound and a fury signifying nothing, but still, lesson learned.

You know how I used to have a crush on the character of Toby on The West Wing and he was therefore my Super-Secret Fictional Imaginary Boyfriend? Well, it was over between me and Toby a Long time ago, which means the time is right for a new imaginary boyfriend, and the torch has passed to [wait for it] Kirk, from the Gilmore Girls. I know Kirk is a total weirdo, but he's always interesting, and I Adore quirky people, so I hereby claim him as my new Super-Secret Fictional Imaginary Boyfriend. I can hardly wait for our rendezvous tonight in my living room.

It's time I told you how much I despise the word 'canoodling'. Canoodling must die a slow and painful death.

This entry is all over the place but so's my brain today (caffeine-induced, probably). This is the best I can do, which is sad but true. Oh, but one last thing, Pinky's having fun in NYC. Hahaha, PINKY! I really, really wish she'd actually change her name to Pinky--that would be so awesome.

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