here comes the Curry Car!


Hey Cat Babies,

I don't have a lot of time today, so let's make this quick.

I'm taking a poll: When you were a kid, did you read under the covers with a flashlight when you were supposed to be asleep? I did it all the time and I suspect a lot of other people did too, hence my query. If you were an under-cover reader, guestbook me and let me know. We will then all pledge our eternal loyalty to each other and become The Order of Sneaky Flashlight Readers. Come on, you Know you want to be a part of That.

We followed through on our plan to see One Ring Zero on Saturday night, and I'm really glad we did. They were very entertaining and their new cd, 'As Smart As We Are' is excellent. It comes with a little book, because all the lyrics on the album are written by famous authors, and the One Ring Zero guys set them to music. I can't decide what my favorite song on the album is, but it's either 'Radio', with lyrics by Daniel Handler (aka Lemony Snicket) or 'Blessing', with lyrics by Denis Johnson. And then there's 'Honku' (lyrics by Aaron Naparstek), which is 27 seconds long:

"You from New Jersey
Honking in front of my house
In your S.U.V."

This album is on iTunes, and I recommend listening to the samples, and in fact, you can listen to all of Honku, beings that it's short. I also recommend buying the album, but I don't mean to be pushy. One Ring Zero's music is really good--kind of dreamy sometimes, with the accordian, claviola, and theramin--and if you get the chance to see them live, I hope you'll take it. Their current tour schedule is here.

I finished the blanket for the baby Matilda this weekend and yesterday I washed it and laid it out on towels on the dining table, to let it dry and get all squared up. This is a losing proposition, since the cats keep sneaking onto it; we've been finding little paw depressions in it. At least they don't seem to be shedding on it, but still, I'm annoyed.

Francisco and I had two great business ideas yesterday. The first one is The Curry Car. We'd get one of those lunch wagons and drive it around, selling good curry (including rice, of course) to hungry people needing lunch. We could offer a standard meat curry and standard vegetarian curry, plus have one or two featured curries that would be always changing. There's an awful lot of different curries in the world, you know--we could offer much variety. Obviously not everyone likes curry, but I would think there might be enough curryaphiles around (in the Seattle area--not around here) to make it a doable business. The second idea would be to have a summer hostel in the mountains, for hikers. This could work because Francisco won't be teaching in the summer (unless he chooses to do a summer school kind of thing) and because I would think a lot of people who like to hike don't necessarily like to camp [I am in this group of people. Hiking is great, but camping, not so much]. The hostel would be reasonably priced and offer comfortable (though rustic) accommodations, good food, laundry facilities, and etc etc. I would love to run a hostel! I'm sure neither of these businesses will see the light of day, but I like thinking about them anyway; it's fun.

This afternoon I ate dried pineapple and then drank a bunch of water and essentially made fresh pineapple in my stomach. I just thought you ought to know.

That's it for me for right now. I'm going home to have a Boca Burger.



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