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Yesterday I read a NY Times article about how 500,000 women in third world countries die in childbirth every year. Pregnancy and childbirth in other countries is not always the joyous event it is in the US and other wealthy nations--it is a fearful, something could go wrong at any moment sort of event. If I got pregnant (not going to happen) I know I'd be scared to give birth, but only because I'm not a fan of pain, not because I'd think I might die. The article quotes a local proverb in Chad, which is, 'A woman who is pregnant has one foot in the grave', and I just think we're awfully damn lucky in this country, for many reasons, not the least of which is good medical care. We need to remember that more often (me included).

Speaking of medical things, recently I decided I want to think about my Hashimoto's differently. Instead of picturing my thyroid as being terrorized by my immune system, I am now choosing to see my thyroid and immune system as deadly rivals, locked in mortal combat. If I wanted to take this really far, I could give them each Kaiji Big Battel-esque names and make up bios for them, but for now I just want to imagine them grappling to be Ultimate Ruler of the Body. Hot dogs, getcher hot dogs here! ("Lady, he's putting my kids through college" -- bonus points if you can identify this reference; guestbook me.)

I sort of miss having bosses that fight with each other, like at my last job. The main boss was a man and the second boss was a woman, so when they'd fight I could say, "Mommy and Daddy, are you going to get a divorce?" I bet neither of them misses me.

Okay, in the category of You Be The Judge, take a look at this guy's blog. He's supposedly a famous actor blogging anonymously, but I'm skeptical. On the one hand, he seems really knowledgeable about the movie business and etc, but on the other hand, why would a famous actor bother with a blog? If you read the blog, what do you think? Real or fake? I mean, if I were famous I think it would be fun to blog anonymously--like I'd be getting away with something--but I'd probably also be very busy and be sick of people, so why expend the energy? I just don't know.

Work has been really busy the last few days, which is no surprise since it's late March, but fortunately I'm more or less caught up with everything but files, which keep pouring in. Anyone to whom I owe an email should be getting one tomorrow or Thursday, and sorry for my not writing sooner.


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