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This morning I overheard my boss say one of his grandsons (the one belonging to his daughter) is growing like crazy, so I suggested the baby might have gigantism, caused by a tumor on his pituitary gland. And then I laughed and laughed until I almost cried. Ahhhh, what a good start to my Monday.

I did all the things on my list this weekend, except for the files I brought home (I'm pretty sure I can do them all today), and I did other things not on my list. Francisco and I watched two Netflix that were both really good, 'Igby Goes Down' and 'The Kid Stays in the Picture'. We also watched 'Slapshot' on Friday night, as planned, except it was cut short somehow, before the end of the climactic last hockey game, and that was somewhat devastating but I got over it. I've decided I really must buy that movie, because the Hanson brothers could cheer me up if I were ready to jump off a ledge; they're good therapy. Boy spent a lot of time playing video games (he rented one this weekend) but we made him come on a little hike with us on Saturday that was beautiful, and I need to go back soon with my camera, before the trees leaf up.

I read a Carl Hiaasen book this weekend that featured a character named Blondell, and I think someday I need to name a cat Blondell, preferably a big, orange cat. I also read about a third of Pink Think, which is as good as I thought it would be. I purchased, but have not yet read, the most recent Weekly World News, because I flipped it open at random and read a "letter to the editor" which was a testimony to the healing of arthritis from touching a picture of Janet Jackson's 'miracle boob' (March 2, 2004 issue, apparently). I would like to get a job writing for the Weekly World News, because I think I could make up stories just as good as the ones their writers make up, and what a fun job!

Okay, you know how I always have ideas for t-shirts and never actually do anything about them? Those days are behind me, because I opened a CafePress shop today and intend to fill it up with stuff, and even if no one buys any of it, at least I will finally have done something. Did you know you can sell audio cds from there? Because I didn't, but I think that would be a really thing good for musicians without money or album contracts. I'm rather excited about this CafePress thing, because man, I have got some Funny pictures at home, just waiting to be scanned and put on t-shirts and the like. There will be much brainstorming at my house in the weeks to come. The reason I was at CafePress in the first place is, I wanted to buy a Betty Bowers t-shirt (the one that says 'But What Can *I* Do To Bring on the Apocalypse? Vote Bush 2004') but they didn't have it in the fitted style, and regular boxy t-shirts are unflattering--on me, anyway.

I know there are things I'm forgetting to talk about, but those files are calling.


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