Yesterday I was reading something on the web, and someone referred to an Eva they knew; an Eva who is not me. And it made me realize how indignant I feel when someone else has my name, because I'm just not used to that (I've met very few Evas in my life), and I've come to think of it as my Own Personal Name. I really need to get over that, don'tcha think?

Here are my current favorite television shows [I know you've been wondering]:

Daily Show

Arrested Development

Chappelle's Show

South Park

Reno 911


These are just about the only shows I watch anymore [plus the Gilmore Girls, and Angel], because all other television seems bland by comparison, and I don't mind watching less tv anyway, since that gives me more time for reading and other things. I have some big, yet nebulous, plans for art projects, continuing education, and self-improvement for the future, but the future will not start until we return from my sister's wedding, because I have too much to do before then. Nurse!

One of my coworkers was out for a walk this week and found someone's broken-off antenna with a foam 8 ball on the end, and she gave it to me because she knew I'd like it. And I do, because Hello, it's kitschy and perfect to stick out in the yard (Francisco disagrees, but he'll let me put it out there). Free yard art! I swear, when we finally move to a house where we know we'll live for a long time, my yard is going to fill up with odd things, as well as fabulous plants. I'll be on the lookout for garishly colored bowling balls, hubcaps, old radiators and the like. Why have a boring yard when it can be an art yard? I ask you.

Congrats to Juan, who was the only one to try and guess my reference from the last entry, and of course he got it right. Simpsons, naturally, where a hotdog vendor kept appearing to hawk hot dogs to Homer, even at a funeral, prompting Marge to ask, "What do you do, just follow my husband around?", at which point the vendor said, "Lady, he's putting my kids through college." So there you have it, and as soon as I think up a prize, I will mail it off to Juan.

This week at work we're getting ready for our big mailing to admitted students, so we've got plastic bins of envelopes to be delivered to Admissions, and things are hectic in general. The staff that keep track of stuff mailed to us have plastic bins of application info for returning students, and the way it's all arranged in their desk area is in two rows of bins with a path down the middle. Naturally this has become the fashion show runway, and whoever feels like it makes a turn or two down the runway, stomping haughtily with a cranky face, just like the giant emaciated supermodels. It's actually more fun than it sounds, and people, I have got the runway stomp down pat. I'm sure it's grotesque when I do it, but the stomping happens on its own when the hips are swiveled just the right way.

I rediscovered the Hedwig and the Angry Inch soundtrack amongst our cds this week, and cannot get enough of it. I think I need to see that movie again, in fact. My favorite songs are Origin of Love, Sugar Daddy, and Wig in a Box, and they are all on heavy rotation in my brain. Good stuff.

Okay, thanks in part to Jen, and in part to reading I've done on the interweb, I'm giving a gluten-free diet a try. There seems to be a definite link between the Hashimoto's and gluten sensitivity, and it won't hurt to lose the gluten for awhile, just to see if it helps. I'd cut way down on gluten anyway when I cut down on carbs, and I don't think I'll miss bread and other gluten-containing products much, since I wasn't eating them much anyway. Probably the thing I'll miss the most is beer, but I will have wine to console me, and I don't drink very often anyway. It probably sounds like I do, from this diary, but I don't. Though I really do like beer; let's get that straight right now.

This weekend I will be mainly preparing to leave town a week from today, including the purchasing of shoes to wear with the dress I got last weekend. This is because I realized I will be standing next to my sister (who is, for all intents and purposes, a dwarf*) during the ceremony, so I need to get some shoes with lower heels. It wouldn't do to tower over the poor girl; it would be so menacing and noticeable. I will also go to the new Target store to pick up various items, and that could be fun or it could be horrendous, depending on how crowded it is. We shall see. We have 3 good Netflix to watch, including Once Upon A Time In Mexico, which I want to see because of Johnny Depp, and hopefully it will not disappoint.

Have a great weekend,



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