So, I decided to start a small business for this recent photo income, because that way I can write off the new camera I need to buy, as well as other related expenses, but it turns out it's not quite as easy a process as I'd hoped. Tonight I have to do a Master Business Application over le interweb, for the state of WA, and then once I have the number they'll assign to my new business, I'll need to file a business application with my town. I might also have to dick around with some WA state sales tax stuff, but I'm fervently hoping not, because I suspect that would BLOW. Anyway, this entire thing is making me feel like a giant fraud, because most of my Flickr contacts are better photographers than I am, and some are far, FAR better. I'm also feeling a bit guilty at being paid so relatively much for not a lot of work, but I guess that's sort of The American Dream, isn't it? Yesterday I emailed the pictures (the small size that I had) to the woman who's been working with me on this photo thing, on the assumption that I would retake the photos (with my impending new camera) in a larger size and that the larger photos would be the ones I'd be paid for. Today she told me I only need to retake one of them but she also told me to bill them for three 10 mb files. I made sure I understood her correctly, and yes I did. So, see? GUILTY.

Anyhow, the only thing I did last night, other than obsessing over this starting a business thing, was cast my archetypal wheel, as per Carolyn Myss's "Sacred Contracts" book, which I am Still working through. It is just as mystical a process as it sounds, and you better not make fun of me or I'll re-calibrate your chakras and then you'll be in a world of hurt. Tonight I will read more of that book (should be a faster read from here on out) and will do the Master Business Application as well as make an invoice to send for the photos.

Thanks, y'all, for being so nice and supportive--that is greatly appreciated. Love and kisses to all!




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