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Last night I picked up pictures from a couple rolls of film I'd had developed (at Photo Haus, natch), and when I started looking at the ones from the Pop Cam, I was befuddled because they didn't have the colors from the filters. I stared at them for a few seconds before remembering that I'd loaded the camera with black and white film. At the time I did that, my brain had a good reason for it and told me it would work, but now I can't imagine why I would have thought that. I even talked in my diary about having loaded it with black and white, on March 22 (I checked), and it makes me laugh that no one said, "Um.....Eva? Those aren't going to turn out." I hereby give alla y'all permission to tell me when I'm being a huge dumbass. Fortunately the other roll (Master Blaster) turned out nice, so I'm not too unhappy. I'll have to try the Pop Cam over again, with color film next time, so that, you know, the colors from the filters will come through.

Francisco bought me my new camera yesterday when I was at work, and oh sugars, it is so pretty. It's a Nikon D80 and I am in love with it already. I didn't have much time or wherewithal (it was a long week) to play with it last night, so in a few minutes I've got a date with my camera and manual, and later today we're going out shooting. I dreamed about the camera last night, but mainly they were dreams in which my little beauty was endangered by the carelessness of others, so they weren't all that restful.

My business is officially established with the state of WA and the town of Ellensburg now, so all I really need to do is get some info about sales tax, because I will probably want to try and sell photos at the Farmer's Market, and I know I'll have to deal with sales tax for that. It doesn't seem so hard now that the other paperwork is done, but when all that stuff was still pending, the sales tax seemed kind of overwhelming. I have sent my invoice to the woman (Fake Name: Sally), and she sent me the ad she had worked up. I have to say, it's kind of hokey, but I figure she knows who she's marketing to and it must be people who enjoy hokeyness. I no longer feel guilty about the ridiculous money they're paying me, because that company has a hojillion dollars and if they want to throw some my way, I'll take it.

I could talk about more things, but there's something wrong with the battery of the laptop (that I'm typing on), because it's not fully charging and is running down too quickly. I've been racing it but it's almost out of juice so I will post this and talk to you later.




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