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Sunday I had a whole list of errands to run--mainly stores I had to go to to get items I wanted/needed. First I was going to Ranch and Home for cat food; second to Bi-Mart for coffee pods and various other items; then St. Vincent's to look for quart-sized wide mouth jars; then Super One Foods for a bunch of things; and then the 7th Day Adventist hippy grocery for arborio rice and mate. I checked to be sure I had my list and my phone and etc, and then I went outside to get in the car and go. As soon as I shut the door, I thought "HUH-OH WHERE'RE MY KEYS?". I rummaged my pocketbook and they weren't in there; I'd left them in the house. Which I had just locked behind me. Francisco was gone to Police, getting pepper sprayed in the face

this is the face of a man who was pepper sprayed

...and Sharky was gone to Sunday morning soccer. We used to have a key hidden but no longer do, so I was screwed. I didn't know which park Shark's soccer was at, so I decided to walk to Mountain View park and see if he was there so I could borrow his house key to get mine out. I made the trek (it's a good dozen blocks, if not more), and no one was there; they were at the Other park that's super far away. I decided that as long as I was over on that side of town, I might as well walk to Bi-Mart to get the stuff I needed there, so I did that. Then I thought I might as well go to St. Vincent's, since it was pretty close, and I did that (got 4 jars, plus a couple of shirts, including a brand new 2006 world cup shirt: score!). And as long as I was right there, I decided to go to Super One foods to see if they had arborio and mate, because I could then skip the hippy store and change the Super One list to a Safeway list, since Safeway is only 2 blocks from my house. I was in the health food aisle of Super One when I started feeling really tired. They didn't have what I wanted, so I trudged home, and lordy lord what a long walk it felt like. The wind was blowing pretty hard, and of course I was walking INTO it most of the way, and by the time I got home I was ready to go straight to bed. Fortunately Sharky was home by then, so I went in and put away the stuff I bought and had some lunch (so...hungry...), but then went back out to finish my errands. After I got back from those, Francisco was home and his eyes were watering more or less constantly, as you can see from the picture above. Poor guy; his eyes watered all night long and the whole morning, and I think they're still watering but not as copiously. He ate some lunch and we both had a glass of wine and rested for awhile, and after that I had the strength to make risotto and sauteed chicken breasts and salad for dinner.

Sit-Up Update: Man, I am SUCKING at these. Partially because I keep forgetting to do them, and partially because I apparently have some weak-ass stomach muscles. I have not improved since the last sit-up update: Look away, I am Hideous. However, pounds lost: 4. That's pretty good for 8 days, but I think the average will be around 2 pounds per week, based on prior regimes I've been on. The first week always yields more loss, probably from water. Still, it's nice to have my pants fitting more loosely. Something I've found out during this current regime is that oatmeal without sweetener isn't bad. I always thought oatmeal needed at least a tiny bit of sweetness, but when I had to choose (due to calories) to eliminate either sugar or that tbsp of peanut butter I stir in, I chose to eliminate the sugar and found out it isn't necessary after all. I kept the peanut butter because it gives the oatmeal even more staying power, plus some protein, and that seemed like a good thing under the circumstances.

Okay, here's something really bizarre: You know how last week a guy made me a professional photographer by purchasing one of my pictures for $8? Yesterday someone else contacted me via Flickr because she wants to buy and use two of my photos in marketing materials for a housing development that's being built in E-burg this summer and fall. She's consulting some VP or other about how much they'll offer me for the pictures and will get back to me today, but in any case, isn't that WEIRD?? No one ever wanted my pictures and then alla sudden, within 6 days two people want my pictures. I'm not sure what the Universe is up to here, but for the record, I Approve.

UPDATE TO THE PREVIOUS PARAGRAPH: I got an email back from the woman and she told me they could offer $325 per photo for a 10 mb file or $425 per photo for a 20 mb file. She said they wanted 3 pictures for now but maybe more in the future. Do you know, I may have stopped breathing for a full minute after reading that. I was all hyperventilatey for a few minutes until I realized that our digital camera most likely did not produce anywhere near a 10 mb picture, even at highest resolution. I checked on it and I was right--they are about 1 mb files. I'm going to email her back to tell her that the photos were taken with a relatively low-resolution camera, so she may not be able to use those as they are, but that I'd be willing to retake the photos with a higher resolution camera and that I could have the pics to her within a couple of days. If she says yes I will scurry to research digital cameras today and probably go to Costco tonight to buy a real good one. I figure if I could get even $325 per photo for the three they want, I could pretty much pay for the camera right there, and I HAVE been wanting a better camera, so it could all work out.

Life is very exciting all of a sudden. THANK YOU UNIVERSE!

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