While you're at it, why not search for kickboxing with Abe Vigoda?


Two google searches yesterday that led people over here:

pilates with Elizabeth Smart

Viggo Mortensen + phone number

People, please. You will never find any celebrity's phone number on the interweb--I can pretty much guarantee that--and I'm sorry to report I don't have Viggo Mortensen's number in my Rolodex. I'm also sorry to report that I don't have a Rolodex, because I like the old-fashionedness of those. Also, pilates with Elizabeth Smart? I don't even know what to say about that. The very idea of someone searching for that creates a loud buzzing in my brain, and then there's a sort of burning smell. The Rick James people continue to flock, and the catapault builders are back; I guess in spring a young man's fancy turns to building catapaults, or something. I only wish I could help them out.

Last night when I went home I saw that the dead possum (I don't use that ridiculous o) that was in the road leading out of my neighborhood yesterday morning was still there. So when I got home I put my stuff inside and then went back out, got a shovel, and moved the possum to the side of the road. I did this not just because it made me sad to see it there, in the middle of the road, but also because I hate that animals killed by cars are then left in the road to be run over again and again--it's disrespectful and they deserve better than that. I couldn't bury the possum so I covered it with leaves, once I'd moved it out of the road, and told it to rest in peace. I was hoping no one was watching me, because I was cursing my way through the relocation process, as picking up a big dead possum with a shovel is more difficult than you might think. A few days ago I dreamed we had a baby possum living with us, except in the dream it wasn't a possum, and I was calling it an Argentinian hamster. Esther hated the possum/hamster and kept menacing it, so I had to watch them constantly. It was very wearing.

My office is having its annual ACC party tomorrow (do you see what I mean about these freaking parties!!??), which only means that the tv in the conference room will be on all day, and there will be junk food in abundance. I don't know what I'll bring, but I'll cart something in. When I first started working here I spent a lot of time making food for the various "celebrations" but then I wised up and nowadays I just buy something pre-made. I think I'll bring donuts and beer. The donuts because I owe the boss donuts for a bet I lost a few weeks ago, and the beer for the late afternoon, because the boss will probably leave early, and the second in command won't mind if we break out the beer at 4:30 or so. I know this from past experience. It's not that I want everyone to get drunk at work, but having a beer with coworkers at the end of day can be fun, especially on a Friday. Not a bad way to greet the weekend, right?

Francisco's making BLTs for dinner, so I'm rushing right home. He called a few minutes ago to tell me how hungry he is (and I am too, for some reason), so it'll be an early dinner tonight. Mmm...bacon.


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