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I've been reading the best book. It's Annie Proulx's Close Range: Wyoming Stories. I checked it out because something I read recommended the last story in the book, 'Brokeback Mountain', and that story does totally kick ass, but the other stories are great too. Really amazing writing--Highly Recommended. I checked a whole wad of books out of the library on Sunday and love that I have so much to read. Reading after dinner is about a thousand times more relaxing than watching television, though you won't catch me giving up my Survivor on Thursdays. I mean, please.

Yesterday morning poor Esther threw up no less than 10 times (almost always liquid) and then she went and created a shitstorm in the Boy's bathroom, where the catbox is. She pooped half in and half out of the box and tried desperately to cover it up, getting her paws dirty in the process. She then went downstairs and wiped her ass all over our comforter cover. I don't know what the problem was, exactly, but Francisco watched her closely yesterday to make sure she was okay, and there were no more incidents. She probably ate a big ball of lint on the sly (as she is wont to do) and it disagreed with her, or that's my hypothesis anyway. Francisco spent a good bit of time cleaning the carpet, the bathroom floor, and washing the comforter cover, the poor guy. He's a saint, as is Esther, actually, which is why we so cheerfully deal with the puking, the ass wiping, and the midnight assaults on the covers that drive us nuts. It's love.

Our weather this weekend was cool and lovely, so we worked in the yard on Saturday. I didn't do nearly as much as Francisco, but I ended up with very sore haunches from the squatting. I did some weeding, planted annuals, and cut back the liriope (sp?). I finished up by putting mulch on one of the beds and then going on a "break" that lasted the rest of the day. I did in-house stuff after that, but didn't go back out because my legs already felt weak and noodley, and I couldn't take any more squatting. I'm walking almost normally today, but Sunday and yesterday there was quite a lot of silly limping and exclamations of "Haunch!". Must. Develop. Better. Haunch muscles.

The electricity went out last night (or probably early this morning) and then came back on and went off and came back on and went off and came back on. I know this because so many of our electronic devices make beepy noises to let us know when they regain power, and they chirped several times, which did not make for great sleeping. The clocks were all messed up (of course) and the cable was out too, for some reason. I know there was a big rainstorm last night, but it's unusual for the electricity to go out for just rain. Damn weather! Be less fickle!

This weekend we watched Steven Spielburg's first movie, The Sugarland Express, and it's really good. I'd seen part of it before but not the whole thing, and I was pleasantly surprised. Also Recommended.

As you may be able to tell, I don't have a lot to report at this time. Last Friday I brought the donuts and beer to work, as promised, and they were both a hit. Donuts in the morning, beer at 4:30. There was a lot of beer left over so I put it in the fridge, because sometimes people work late, and maybe they'd want a cold one while slaving over files. I know I would, except I don't work late if I can at all help it; I'd rather take work home and do it there. And speaking of work, it is Busy. I'm not happy, Eddie.


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