the Hawaiian whale


Francisco called this morning and said he had just taken to the new house everything that makes life worth living, i.e. the computer, wireless internet, tv, Tivo, and etc. *ululating* It's a good thing I need to go to the Fred Meyer tonight to look for curtains for our bedroom window, because otherwise I'd at be home staring into space. Normally I would make the curtains, but we don't have a fabric store in town and need to start sleeping at the house on Saturday, so I don't have time to go to Yakima for fabric and will just need to make store bought curtains work. And who knows, maybe there will be some fabulous ones, on sale for 75% off! I like to dream big.

We were talking the other day about the cat flaps we need to put into our bedroom door and also into the utility closet door next to the back entrance [which, after further consideration, will be where we put the cat box--a much better idea than the sun porch], and we decided we didn't want to put in one like you buy in the store. We instead decided to make our own cat flaps (rectangular openings with little curtains), and then Francisco said it would be funny to cut the cat opening in a shape, and then the idea solidified into cutting a little Moorish arch (sans little curtains). I figure I can also paint around the arches to make them look more like the doorways of a mosque, and we are both very happy with this idea. I mean, it's OUR house, we can do whatever we want, right? Francisco's going to do the arches tomorrow while he's at the house waiting for 1) the cable guy, 2) the phone company guy and 3) the Sears repair person who is coming to repair the brand new dryer in the house because it's making a heinous noise. I told you about the dryer, right? Let's just say yes. So it'll be a full day for him, and after I get off work we plan to make dinner at the new house and watch some television there after having been deprived of it for like two whole days.

Speaking of television: The Janets already know this, but Francisco and I have been watching this show called Floyd's Fjord Fiesta, on the Travel Channel, that's like the greatest cooking show ever. What makes it good can be boiled down to the cook, Keith Floyd, really loving his alcoholic beverages. Also, he is filmed cooking in the most preposterous locations around Scandinavia (in this particular series--he has many other shows from different locations). He cooked something on the shore in Greenland and I said, "Oh man, I WISH he'd filmed this on an iceberg!". Not 3 minutes later he said they'd planned to film it on an iceberg but the one they'd scoped out the night before vanished overnight. You and me, Keith; you and me. *drawing invisible lines with my index finger between my brain and his, wherever he might be* Anyway, I do recommend this show if you'd like to watch a man drink while cooking and bumbling around just enough that you think he's going to catch his sleeve on fire. And really, who Wouldn't like to watch that? Be honest.

Last night for dinner I made eggs scrambled with baby spinach (cooked the spinach first) and parmesan cheese, with flour tortillas and grape tomatoes on the side. I had planned to make more spinach with parmesan and combine it with pasta, but alas, our pasta is at the new house. Tonight I'm going to make a salad and (may Keith Floyd forgive me) macaroni and cheese, from a box. Why move the boxes of Annie's mac and cheese from one house to another when we can just consume it instead? Or so this is what I'm telling myself.




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