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My job would be so much easier if I could just say what I mean. If I could tell people, "You have plenty of money; you're just managing it poorly", that would be great. Or, "Let me get this straight: You promised your child he could attend the college of his dreams, but you utterly failed to plan for that, financially?" Sweet. Or even, "This is what I advise: Sell your vacation house and fire your maid, gardener, and pool boy. Also, stop spending $400 per month on your hair." I cannot say these things or anything resembling them, because if I did, the person I said them to would have the world's biggest conniption and I'd end up out on my ass. Why must we pussyfoot around the truth all the time? I can hardly wait until I've given my notice here, because then there will be nothing to stop me from telling a little more truth when I talk to people. That thought is the only thing keeping me going lately.

This morning I opened and put on brand new pantihose, and less than one hour later I caught my ring on them and now there's a run down to my shin. Yeah, THAT was money well spent. I'm looking forward to the weather heating back up so I can stop wearing pantihose until Fall, because they are downright depressing.

Boy is spending the night at his friend Tony's tonight, and will be attending Tony' birthday party tomorrow. Hey, I just realized that Tony's birthday is the same day as Miles'! That really cracks me up, because they could not be less alike. I mean, granted that Tony is turning 12 and Miles is turning 30--so of course they are different--but even still, it is enough to make me point and laugh at Astrology. Astrology, my man, you are really overrated. That said, yesterday I signed up for a thing that emails me my horoscope every day. Today it told me that my boss will be a jerk to me, so I'm waiting for that. I mean, he's kind of a jerk Every day, but the horoscope indicated he will be questioning my abilities. I doubt this will happen (since my boss doesn't even know what I do) but if it does I will tell him that my horoscope Said he'd do that, and at least that will be Some satisfaction.

ANYway, since Boy will be gone for the night, Francisco and I are going out for dinner. We are vacillating between southern food (fried chicken!) and French food. The French food only entered the conversation this morning when CNN indicated that some people really are boycotting French restaurants (it's not just a rumor). I find it hard to believe that people who know enough about food to eat at a French restaurant in the first place would turn around and boycott it, but maybe I don't know as much as I think (this is a strong possibility). We want to show our support for the amazing contribution France has given to the world of food, so a French dinner is under consideration. I'm leaning that way right now, but maybe fried chicken will get the upper hand by the late afternoon.

Bought lunch out, too, because there were limited lunch choices at home and none of them appealed to me, especially because the microwave at work is out of order. Cold chili didn't sound too good this morning. I tried to go to an Indian restaurant that just opened, but there was nowhere to park so I went to what I think is a Pakistani restaurant intstead, with better parking. Got curried chicken and some spinach, with rice. They have the best sauce to put on it--it's like a chili sauce but a little sweet. I got my food to go and brought it back to the office, where I had to eat my chicken with the door closed, lest the boss come in and want to look at my food. He is nosy and he still thinks I'm a vegetarian, and that fiction must be preserved at all costs.

My exercise tapes arrived from Amazon yesterday. Francisco emailed me and said, "Your jazzercise tapes are here"--it made me cringe, which is why he said it. Jazzercise, I mean. Was that Not the cheesiest exercise ever? The tapes I got aren't jazzercise, just so you know. They are kickboxing and step aerobics, which some people probably think are stupid, but they can suck it. I didn't do any of the tapes this morning, because I decided to allow myself one more day of complete laziness, but I'll do one of them tomorrow morning if I'm not out busting my ass in the yard. Which I hope I will be (depends on the weather), because I enjoy that.

I heard Def Leppard when I went out at lunch, and now the song is stuck in my head. It's kind of funny to have it in there, right now, but in another hour or two it'll be driving me crazy. Please stand by.

I'm so happy it's Friday; this has been a long week. Fortunately not too hectic today so I can get caught up and have my weekend on a clear conscience (knowing I that called and emailed everyone back). My plans include sleeping, working in the yard, doing chores, and watching Buffy. Plus extra sleeping, because I didn't get enough this week. I feel like such a lab rat, or something, when Daylight Savings rolls around, because that time change (and having it suddenly be dark out again in the morning) really messes me up. I slept enough last night; there was no reason to feel tired when I had to get out of bed except that it was Dark. I sort of like having the light in the evening, but not more than I like having it in the morning. Who can I blame Daylight Savings on? There must be someone.

Have a great weekend, my little chinchillas.


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