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Apparently I am superstitious. We're having sort of an open house today at work, where people (parents) can walk in during certain hours (9-12 and 1-4, so pretty much all day) to ask for more money and weep and just generally make us uncomfortable. My stupid boss just said to my next-door coworker, "So, it looks like a pretty quiet day today!" I cringed because I couldn't believe he'd said it out loud. What is he, stupid? Doesn't he know the Universe is always listening? My coworker said, "I don't want to talk about it, because then people will come in". See, now SHE understands. She knows the Universe is spying on us--I guess our boss didn't get the memo. We have to have 4 more of these open house days in the next two weeks, and I hope the boss will keep his mouth shut from now on. We don't want any trouble.

Last night we watched our recently received Netflick, "Undercover Brother". People, this movie is so funny, and really very clever. I loved it. And of course now I will be going around doing the black power salute and saying, "Solid!" until everyone hates me. It is my way.

Francisco emailed me this morning and said the following: "Those cats are such whores. Whores and boneheads. They're down there lying on the blue blanket in a sugar-coated bliss that obviously says, "This blue blanket is my favorite. Before this blue blanket was on our [sic] bed, we never knew what true comfort and happiness were. We will never love another blanket like we love this blanket." Of course, the thing is, they said this same thing about the down comforter a few months ago and about the chenile bedspread less than a week ago. And when it warms up just a little and we take the blue blanket off again? It'll be forgotten in the blink of four slitty eyes. Whores and boneheads, I tell you." He knows our girls so well.

Another cat thing; this morning Lucy was pestering me to get up, and believe me, she has her ways. When I got up I realized that their food dish was probably empty (it was) and I filled it. She ate and then threw up on the rug at the kitchen door, and then again on the living room carpet. I always thought animals were supposed to be smarter about things like that, but Lucy has disabused me of that notion. She is always scarfing her food and puking it back up. Esther sometimes does that too, but Lucy is the main culprit.

The weather is so rotten today. It's dark and raining and cold and windy; I don't think an evil genius could've devised a worse weather day, unless you add in tornados or something. At least the pollen is all washed out of the air and the trees and everything. It's supposed to clear up and be nice this weekend, but I'll believe it when I see it.

Gotta go, in case someone comes in to see me (shh!! not out loud!). Solid.


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