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4) When I was at Mini's last week, I was not following my Wither Time regime. I wasn't going crazy with the eating, though, and usually I just had a couple meals a day and a couple of snacks. However, I did devour jellybeans and other candy and banana bread while I was there, plus ice cream, so I was not looking forward to weighing myself this week. Yesterday morning I did it anyway and I had dropped half a pound. Huh? Yesterday I was back on the regime and this morning there was another half pound gone. I don't know why this happened but it's an excellent motivator to jump-start the resumption of my regime. I haven't been to the gym yet this week but this morning Francisco and I went for a walk and tomorrow I plan to be back at the gym. Super Lucky Wither Time: Totally On.

5) I'm wearing a fun ring today that my finger had "outgrown" previously; this pleases me.

6) Awhile back (at least a year ago) I had the idea to experiment with knitting strips of fabric. I wanted it to be knit fabric, because that won't ravel like woven fabric will, but of course I hadn't done anything about the idea except think about it from time to time. However, on Sunday we went to the Goodwill and I saw some knit fabric for $1.99. It was folded and hanging on a hanger and I didn't measure it before I bought it, but it turns out to be about 3 1/2 yards. It's 60 inches wide, so it'll be a shitload of fabric to knit. I don't love the fabric as itself--it's a red and white stripe; very circuslike, as Sharky pointed out--but when I've knit it together in half inch strips, the stripes won't show. I washed and dried it and now need to begin the arduous task of cutting it into strips and sewing those together end to end. Fortunately I have a cutting mat and circular cutter, because otherwise it would take forfuckingever. I plan to take some pictures of this fabric knitting experiment for Flickr, even if the idea turns out to be a bad one. I think what I'll make with it to test the experiment will be a simple tank top kind of thing that I can wear to bed, but it won't take anywhere near all the fabric I have, so probably I'll make another thing if the tank top works out.

7) Today I looked at the tomatoes we planted in pots a couple months ago (there's two of them) that Francisco put tomato cages around just before I left for Mini's, and they're looking very healthy. They have loads of little green tomatoes on them and I can hardly wait until they start ripening-- it's going to be some delicious eating. Good tomatoes are one of the two things I miss about North Carolina; the other is the lightning bugs. Humidity, you are Not on the list.

8) When I was in NC I got my summer burn email with the names/addresses of the two people I'll be sending to, so now that I'm back home I need to get those cds out. Yesterday I worked on whittling down the playlist (put too many in there and needed to either add more and do a two disk set or whittle--I chose what seemed easier) and now I want to make sure the order is right before I burn them. Then of course there's the cover art to do (I'm considering using polaroids) and the actual taking them to the post office thing. So I might get them out tomorrow or it might be Thursday, and hopefully my two recipients won't be annoyed at my tardiness; I'm going to send them each a Holy Toast Bread Stamper as a bribe bonus.

9) Last week Mini and I gave Amelie a bath and we had just finished rinsing her when she gave a mighty grunt and her bathwater roiled with yellow poo. I picked her up and held her over the tub while Mini rinsed her again (we were both laughing pretty hard) and then Mini cleaned that mess up while I dried and diapered the little pooper. She's a strategic shitter, than one. I was changing her on another occasion and she pooped while her diaper was off, and then another time I had changed her and had gotten within one snap of her onesie being closed when she strained and I heard poo shoot into her diaper. Mini and Kimmy enjoyed that one particularly; oh how they laughed! I miss that feculent baby.

To be continued.




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