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Work is hopping this week and I have a lot to catch up on from last week, so I'm giving you the rundown in list format:

1) I am absolutely in love with my baby niece, Amelie; she's amazing and it almost killed me to leave her on Saturday. I knew I'd love her but I didn't know I'd LOVE her, you know? I was completely blindsided with that, and we have to get Skype immediately so I can see her on a regular basis. When I was in Charlotte we went to Borders bookstore, and I got Amelie a book that I was able to read to her twice. The first time I read it to her was when Mini knocked on our bedroom door (mine and Kimmy's--we had SUCH a fun slumber party together) at 4 o'clock one morning and asked if I could hang out with Amelie for awhile because she wasn't tired but Mini really really was. I said sure thing Joe Mayo, and sat up with Amelie for about an hour until she ate a little more and fell asleep. That was fun, I loved it. I just feel so privileged to have gotten all that time with her last week and especially privileged that Mini trusted me enough to actually take care of her without supervision. I got to feed, burp, change, swaddle, and hold her a LOT. One day she slept on me for almost 3 hours, at which point my bladder got full and I had to put her in her sleep chamber. I just. That baby is dynamite and I had fun with Mini and Kimmy and the trip was so, SO worth it. The End.

2) I now have two computer monitors on my desk at work, which is a little weird and makes me feel I should be hacking into government websites or something. It's kind of convenient at times, but mainly it's hurting my neck.

3) This morning I went to the doctor for my annual exam, except I didn't have to have my lower girl parts examined, because I had a Pap last year and only need one every three years. He did do a breast exam (and by the way, I was a little leery of this appt because this is the first time in years and years that I've had a male doctor, but he is fantastic and I really like him) and the old listen to the lungs and heart thing, but mainly he asked me if I had any concerns and we talked about them. While I was there I got a test for my thyroid levels (which I expected), a tetanus shot (did not expect but it's been just about 10 years since my last one) and got a mole removed from my stomach. I had asked him to look at the mole because it's gotten a bit bigger, and he said that since that's the case and because it was on the dark side, he wanted to take it off and biopsy it, just to be safe. He put in two stitches after the mole removal and I go back next week to get them out. I teased him about the mole removal, because earlier he'd offered to snip off a couple of my stick-uppy moles (which I plan to get rid of by tying thread around--I've done this before and it works); I told the nurse who was present,"this man is Determined to cut SOMEthing off of me". When he was doing the mole removal I asked him what his Other hobbies were and when he said he liked to garden I told him that made sense, what with the pruning and all. Fortunately he thinks I'm funny so it was a good appointment.

I have much more to report, so I will continue this list tomorrow.




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