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Look, in retrospect this was a pretty terrible week for a vaccination, but it's not like I can do anything about that now. My arm doesn't hurt too much anymore, but MAN am I tired, and I'm getting enough sleep so that's not the problem. I blame you, TDAP, for my current fatigue, and I'm not sure who to blame for bandaids giving me a rash, but SOMEbody. I was wearing said bandaids over my de-moled, two-stitch-bearing stomach region, but I decided to knock that shit off after I noticed a rash forming. It was a good thing to stop wearing them, though, because the bandaids were more uncomfortable than the stitches themselves, possibly because they were rashing me up. Whatever. To sum up, this week so far has not been good and I'm hating work right now because there is Far too much to do and I'm feeling much stress, but I have to assume things will get better.

I got my two summer burn cds yesterday and my two went out today..DOH. At least they were both accompanied by a toast stamper; that should make the delay more bearable. I'm not entirely satisfied with the cds I made, but that's usual for me, so I had to just let them go. One of the cds I got (Trevor's--he's from Reading, England) came in a trigger case; I'd never seen those cases before but think they're pretty nifty.

Francisco called a few minutes ago to inform me that he's going to be doing something a little bit dangerous this evening (for his reserve cop duties) and I am not pleased. He, of course, downplayed the danger part, but I've watched enough episodes of COPS to know that things could go bad, and what was I thinking when I told him he had my support in this cop gig?? That wasn't my smartest moment ever, Internet, but I guess it's too late to take it back. I'll be a bundle of nerves until he gets home tonight and I highly doubt that my dinner will be Wither Time Approved.

Eh, that's all I've got.




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