the weekend is a blur of cocktails and midget wrestling


This weekend, something important Francisco and I did was decide on our Drink of Summer, 2006. It is a Caipirila [name c/o our amigo, Billybob], a variation of the Brazilian drink, the Caipirinha. Here is the recipe (makes one):

Wash and cut a lime into smallish pieces and put the whole thing in a highball glass. Add two teaspoons of sugar. Muddle (smash) the lime and sugar together until the lime has been severely punished. You can use a fancypants muddling stick for that or do like I did and rifle your kitchen for something suitable (we used one of those wooden honey server thingies--you know the thingie I mean). Put a bunch of ice on top of the lime and sugar (not all the way to the top of the glass) and pour in 2 1/2 ounces tequila. Stir so the lime and tequila mix together. Drink.

The original drink, the Caipirinha, is exactly the same except for using Brazilian rum (Cachaša). You can use vodka instead (a Caipiroshka) but I don't think it's nearly as good. I wonder what using gin would be like. Perhaps more investigation into this matter is required.

We didn't paint the office this weekend as previously planned; we decided to do it next week instead, after we've packed up the rest of the stuff in there (Francisco has done much of it already). We did have my friend, Jeff Sr., over for dinner on Friday night. Here's the only decent picture I managed to take of him:

VonWiffle finally stopped resisting my efforts

Francisco made a really delicious pot roast, with potatoes and salad, plus gravy for the meat. He's such a good cook. It was a lot of fun, though less fun for Francisco, since Jeff and I talked about either work or Flickr most of the time.

We also had Minired and Non over yesterday and that was really fun (photos pending--I haven't uploaded them yet). Francisco made chicken fajitas and they were just the ticket. Then he and Non made some bullets while Minired and I went to the store and then sat around lethargically. Good day. They brought us a bunch of little things for our trip--the toilet seat covers will especially come in handy.

Yesterday morning I picked up the harmonica Francisco had sitting on the dresser (he unearthed it from somewhere, recently) and played around with it. It's a really nice one (his grandpa gave it to him when he was a kid) and I've decided to learn to play it. Then Francisco decided to learn to play it as well, so maybe someday we'll take a harmonica act on the road--I'm sure that wouldn't embarrass Sharky at ALL.

Speaking of Sharky, this weekend he fell for the pretty girl cousin of one of his neighborhood friends, and I mean FELL. He'd been all excited to move and now he's declaring he doesn't want to, but unfortunately there's no way we can change our plans now, and we wouldn't want to do that anyway. He will be sad but I'm pretty sure he'll feel better within a few weeks. This falling for girls thing is a whole new development, and I couldn't be more disturbed by it; nightmares and everything. Oy.

Today was my official going away lunch at work, since the boss is gone for the rest of the week. I had asked to go to a local barbecue joint and I ordered a bbq pork plate with coleslaw, fried okra, and mashed potatoes. Since the boss still thought I was a vegetarian, he was pretty floored, much to the delight of my coworkers. The party planning type coworker got three trophies from the thrift store and had new engraved plates put on them (funny), and they gave me a card, plus a $100 gift certificate to Ebay. Woo! I can't decide whether to fritter it away on creepy dollheads and baby jesuses or buy something more expensive, like a Zorki-4. I'm thinking I'll go the frittering route, mainly because I'm a little wary of buying old cameras now, although I do trust the Ebay seller who's auctioning that particular Zorki-4. So maybe I'll see what he's got after we've moved. My coworkers are so good to me, and I will miss them very much, except the boss, of course.

Oh, I made my camera belt buckle this weekend:

disposable camera belt buckle

I'm happy with the way it turned out, but one thing I learned right away is I should wait to wind the camera, post photo, until the next time I want to take a photo. Otherwise pics are taken accidentally, during bending or squattage.

People, I leave you with this: The Horror, THE HORROR. My skin is crawling, and not in a pleasant way.

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