I am such a CHILD. This morning my employer's head honcho-type computer overlord sent out an email to say the migration to a new email server they did overnight was a success. Boring! Delete. Then a non-computer head honcho sent out a reply-all email that simply said:


Good job.

[head honcho name]"

I immediately forwarded this to several coworkers with MY comments, which were:

"Bob gets to hobnob with the nabobs. They will eat gobs of Mee-Krob and corn-on-the-cob.


See? Total child. I mean, this is STILL cracking me up, even hours later. I don't know what's wrong with me.

But speaking of children, I can officially tell you that Francisco and I are aunties again! Uh. You know what I mean. Twyla and her husband Finally got the call (fax?) from China yesterday--the one they've been waiting for that tells them exactly who their new baby is. Turns out it's an adorable baby girl named Frances Fu Lu, who was born July 18 of last year, and who is now ready to be picked up from Chongqing City in a few weeks. Twyla and Sonny hope to have her home before her first birthday, and obviously Francisco, Sharky, and I can hardly Wait to meet her! It makes me really, Really happy that we'll be only a couple hours' drive from their house so we can see Twyla, Sonny, and the nieces a lot more often than we can/have been while living in North Carolina.

Today I've been working on my procedure manuals, and I'm about 1/3 of the way done. This is good, because I think I can finish them before Thursday of next week, which is when they need to be done. I thought I had all the way to Friday, but I was wrong. I haven't hated working on the manuals today--I'm not sure why--but I'm glad I get to move on to something else now.

Tonight we're having my friend, Jeff Sr., over for dinner, and tomorrow Minired and Non are coming to spend the day. Sunday and Monday will be days of painting the office and putting everything back together up there, and of course we'll do all our normal weekend stuff as well. These pre-move days are mighty busy, and I'll be very glad when we're in Ellensburg and can take some time to settle in, gently.

The Song of the Day is one I chose absolutely at random from The Hype Machine, with a quick scroll and point technique. It is Gilberto Gil -- Bat Macumba, at Gorilla vs Bear. I like it; I should try the scroll and point more often.

And now I go and compare reports until my eyes bleed.

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