Dramamine for cats: Not advised


Hello Internet,

I haven't talked to you for several days and I have much to report, but for now I would like to tell you two things:

1) We have tested the Dramamine on both cats (on separate days) and will not be using it during the move. Esther got all hyper and super talky (she's talky enough in the car already) but Lucy, oh poor Lucy. We tested it on her this morning and she foamed at the mouth and drooled for about half an hour while periodically trotting around the house and giving us looks that clearly said "j'accuse!". I was kind of scared for her but then she stopped the foaming, drooling and trotting and was fine. Plus, I read (on the internet) about another cat that had the same reaction to Dramamine and that cat had no lasting effects, so that made me less worried. Lucy's back to normal now, thankfully, but I feel such guilt for causing all that in the first place.

2) The realtor Franciso got us turned out to be a guy from the gym we used to go to. He is a very small man but without that short guy complex a lot of small men have. The house was "shown" Saturday and today and already I'm tired of being kicked out of my house when I have So Much to Pack and So Little Time to Do It. Neither of the days' lookers apparently fell in love with our house, because no one has rushed to make us an offer, so they obviously have terrible taste in houses.

I finished up my job last Friday and I'll talk about that the next time I post, because there's lots to tell, but what I will say right now is that work had me absolutely fucking Knackered by the end, and I'm glad to be leaving it behind, though I will miss most of my coworkers quite a lot.

And now I think I'll go to bed, because I'm tired and need one more good night's sleep so I can start to feel human again.

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