October 11, 2007


Awhile back I read somewhere (probably a trashy magazine) that wearing makeup but not blush makes a person look older, I guess because the cheeks lack the rosy glow of youth that way, right? At the time I sort of dismissed it and kept foregoing blush, but last Saturday night I had a dream that I was wearing it and it looked good, so on Sunday I bought some and have been wearing it to work this week. I used to wear it when I was in high school but haven't since and forgot how to apply it, and as a consequence looked a wee bit weird this week until this morning when I suddenly remembered the technique. People, you would not believe how young I look; just yesterday someone said to me, accusingly, "shouldn't you be in school?"

That's a lie. But now that I've remembered how to put it on I think it looks pretty good, and if I happen to look younger, so much the better. I'm almost 40, you know.

Yesterday Francisco had to go over the mountains to police school and do some kind of test, in advance of going to sleepaway police on Sunday. I guess it went well, but what I Really wanted to tell you about this is he carpooled with one of his coworkers (Adolpho) that he's told me about and who is quite an odd character. They got back at maybe 5:45 yesterday evening and I was able to meet Adolpho; he is indeed a character. He's teeny tiny (probably about 5 feet tall) and wears huMONgus glasses--huge, huge frames. I didn't get to see the thing he does that Francisco likes so much, which is that when a bunch of guys from work are sitting around shooting the shit and Adolpho has something to say, he will stand and assume a public-speaking posture that is so cute when Francisco imitates it. In short, I LOVED Adolpho and was thrilled to meet him. After he left I finished throwing together a black bean chili I made up out of desperation and with canned beans and some canned tomatoes but also some from our 2 tomato plants. It turned out alright, I must say. We had dinner and then Twyla and Lou came over with fabric and we made curtains. I think they turned out pretty well but I'm not even sure what room they're for--I'll find out the next time I'm at their place.

Francisco has Sharky's cold now and I'm afraid my time with the cold is close at hand. It's possible I've already had it, because I had a cold about 6 weeks ago, so maybe it's the same one. I hope so; I really Really don't want to get sick again just now. I'll tell you, I'm very very happy we moved here, but I'll be relieved when I'm finally caught up with the viruses I didn't get on the east coast. Getting sick so often really sucks.

This afternoon I got SPAM that said "tired of pulling your pole? grow the natural way!" and it just made me giggle, I don't know why. Oh SPAM, you a funny lady*.

Today is apparently Eburg's annual Blow Out Your Sprinkler System day. A guy showed up to do our system just as I was walking back to work, and as I got back to campus, the sprinkler systems there were being blown out. It's good because next week, according to the internet, our lows will be below freezing. Today I wore an actual coat and was not too warm.

I'm thinking about starting a blog (at Blogger or somewhere else) for my photography "business". That's in quotes because I still haven't done anything with it except take money from that development group. I could start a site of my very own, but if you've been my internet friend for any length of time, you'll recall the My Own Website debacle that went absolutely nowhere and was a pure waste of money. It still stings a bit when I remember it, which of course is the problem with remembering things. Anyway, all I'd really be doing at this site would be posting pictures I've taken which I think are good and just waiting around to be discovered. It would be inevitable, yes? With so few other people posting their pictures on the internet? Just a matter of time. Do you think a thousand years would do it? Right. So. Maybe I'll start a site and if I do I'll let you know. I'll keep my talking on D-land because I'm too lazy to switch that over, and anyway, I've not had the problems with D-land that others have, so I've got no real reason to leave.

In a few minutes we're going to look at a house but I don't expect much from it. The house itself seems alright but it's located half a block from an industrial street. It's not a dangerous neighborhood but it seems like a depressing neighborhood and basically by looking at this house we're just going through the motions. Anyway, gotta run off and go do that.


* Copyright Andreas Novak

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