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Francisco and I went for a hike on Saturday and I'm super sore today from that. My calves are the sorest part of me, but my triceps also hurt, because at the start of the hike, some Eagle Scouts had left ski poles to be used as trekking poles by anyone who wanted to use them, and I decided to give them a try. It turns out trekking poles work the triceps--who knew? I liked them, though, and bought myself a pair of ski poles yesterday at the Goodwill for $2. Take that, REI, with your $80 trekking poles. I have thwarted you. If you thought I was unwilling to look silly hiking with ski poles, you obviously haven't seen my wind goggles.

Anyway, the hike was fun, and afterwards we bought soup and bread and wine on the way home and had an early dinner and watched loads and loads of television. The Shark was off playing soccer and he got home around 8:00, with a cold. In the meantime, Francisco and I had discussed Sharky's shithole of a room and what we could do to get him to keep it clean, and Francisco had a brainwave--a really genius idea. Sharky has a computer in his room but doesn't know the login for it. We decided that every time his room looks horrible (which was every day up until now and for approximately the next two weeks) we're going to log him out of his computer and log out of the living room computer as well. If he cleans his room to our satisfaction, we'll log him back in. Since he practically lives on Myspace, this has been highly effective so far and I can't believe we hadn't thought of it previously. We used to feel that he should have some latitude with his room and how he keeps it, but considering how often he loses stuff and how difficult it is most of the time to find an empty place on his floor on which to step, all bets are off.

Otherwise this weekend, Francisco kept the populace safe at a high school football game on Friday night (reserve police duty) while I went to one of the movies at the Eburg Film Festival with my brother-in-law. We saw My Best Friend, a French comedy which was quite funny but also a little bit painful at times. It was v. fun, though, and nice to hang out with Sonny a bit. I need to watch more French movies. On Sunday we did laundry on breaks from lounging about and then went to the Goodwill and to the grocery store. At Goodwill we got the previously mentioned ski poles, plus a book and a pair of really nice lamps and a tweedy jacket for Francisco. A decent haul. We had chicken for lunch and pasta for dinner, and Francisco left around 9:00 to go to work. I went to bed immediately and slept well but did not enact my getting up early to do exercise with the TEEvee because I'd forgotten to turn my alarm on and slept straight through until 6:20. Oops! I'm definitely getting up early tomorrow morning; no question about it. Although really, I'm not sure how much exercising I can do with this ridiculously sore calves, but I'll try.

Photo of the Day

Tonight I'm going to call my friend Isabel because she emailed me today to tell me her cat (Cosmo) had been killed by coyotes. That is just so awful and I feel horrible for her; I hate to imagine losing Esther or Lucy but the idea of them being killed by coyotes or whatever is a HORROR. Poor sweet Cosmo; he was a very good cat.

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