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My Francisco is at sleepaway police camp now; he left a little after noon yesterday so he could get all checked in (check in was 2-4). He says so far it feels like college; he's got a roommate and they each have a twin bed and a desk. Fortunately he knows the roommate from work and he's quiet and nice--hopefully he does not snore. I wish I could say I was stalwart about Francisco's departure but the truth is I was a huge baby and cried a lot. Part of it is that I'm fighting off yet another cold right now (most likely the one Francisco and Shark have) and being sick makes me more emotionally unstable. But now that he's over there, I'm coping well and haven't cried again. Also I think this time, for a change, I'm not going to get full-on sick. I would hate to speak too soon, but it seems as though my immune system is going to nip this thing in the bud. *fingers crossed*

Anyway, Francisco and I went over to Seattle on Saturday for some shopping. We went to a mall (we both needed shoes and a mall seemed to offer the most possible choices) and Francisco found shoes there but I did not. The problem was that I had a very specific idea about the type of shoes I wanted and all the ones I found that met the requirements didn't fit right or did not come in my size. Lately it seems that the ideal size for my feet would be 10 1/2, and there are very few shoes that are made in 10 1/2, so I was out of luck. We went to get lunch (Vietnamese food--I had something called Bun Xao Xa that was completely delicious) and were fortified enough to visit a shoe store near the mall, where I (meaning Francisco: he's good at finding me shoes) found two pairs of shoes I liked. They are both mary janes; one pair are flats and one pair has maybe a 2 inch heel. I'm wearing the flats today and need to get used to how slippery they are on the bottom; I keep feeling like I'm going to fall down when I walk on hard floor surfaces. We also went to Best Buy, in search of several things, but left empty handed and we went to Costco in search of a couple of things but left empty handed from there as well. At that point we were Exhausted and drove back home. One of the things we were looking for was an XBox 360, because Francisco promised to buy Shark one when he went to sleepaway police camp, on the premise that the Shark will do more house-type work while Francisco's gone. The only one we found at Best Buy was a special edition that was $400. We didn't buy it because we thought we could find one elsewhere, but not so much. Francisco will get one from someplace this week and bring it home on Friday. Something else I wanted to get is a 50 mm lens for my D80 and I foolishly assumed I could get one at Best Buy. No luck, so I'll just order it from the internets.

Yesterday after Francisco left I tried to take a nap but couldn't sleep so I just laid there thinking. Then I decided I should make a sample ornament for this year's AT ornament exchange, so I got up and did that, and do you know, it turned out great! This is surprising because this is the first year I haven't had to scrap my first idea and try another. One down, ten more to go (there are officially nine people participating at this point, but I bet we'll pick up another couple participants so I'll make extras). I'm going to get these babies done quite early this year and this pleases me.

Last night Esther did something that made me wonder if she's secretly much smarter than I give her credit for. I've told you about the wall scratching she does to wake us up at night, right? Francisco's been squirting her with water when she does that so she hasn't been doing it much lately. Last night she pushed open the bathroom door (which we keep almost closed so the bathroom nightlight doesn't shine into the bedroom) and also the bedroom door, so that nightlight light was hitting me right in the face. Esther was standing next to my head when I opened my eyes and I couldn't help but wonder if she'd opened the doors on purpose so the light would wake me. I think probably not, but I just don't know.

Tonight for dinner we're going to have baked potatoes (I'm stealing this idea from Kimmy), steamed broccoli, and barbecue-flavor baked beans. I'll get Shark to put the potatoes in the oven around 4:00, and I have frozen broccoli that can be steamed up super quick. I got some frozen vegetables (several kinds) last week because I figured frozen vegetables are pretty good, nutritionally, and the ease of preparation is worth paying a little more for them than for fresh vegetables. With Francisco gone, compromises must be made. The Shark is going to make pasta with clam sauce (his only dish, currently) on Wednesday, and this whole cooking thing is starting to seem quite doable.

That house we looked at last Friday was pretty amazing in a lot of ways. It had a great yard that made the place feel like an oasis even though it was located so close to a busy street. There was a small greenhouse (!) built off the back of the house--directly off the master bedroom--and there were a lot of really nice features to the house. However, the only bathroom with actual bathing facilities was the master bathroom (there were two half baths in addition to the master), and I'm a little tired of lining up for a shower in the morning with Sharky, which is why we want more than one bathroom in the first place. Also what was weird about that bathroom is it had a Massive tub--Francisco thinks it's a 100 gallon tub, which would explain why there are two water heaters in the basement--and I can't imagine I would ever use it; I would shower instead. Weird. Though I suppose we could use that big tub to ferment some kind of alcohol, yes? The other thing that made us not want that house is it had almost no communal living space, and the space it had was bizarrely arranged. I don't want to be a person who arranges her space around a television set, but we would like to watch tv SOMEtimes, and there was truly no place to do that, even if one purchased a shiny new flat screen to hang on the wall. I mean, there was no WALL for that, as oddly as the living space was set up. So anyway, we're not going to buy that house, but now I want to build a greenhouse off the house we Do buy, at some point, because I LOVED that.

My boss left at 4 and asked if I would be in charge of the office for the last hour. There are 3 other counselors here who all have seniority, and I sort of pointed that out, but she wanted me to do it. Therefore I am in charge but I'm keeping that to myself and hoping for no angry phone screamers (those people are forwarded to the person in charge, dammit).

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