I slept last night; it was amazing


This entry is about shoes. I've never really liked shoes the way other people like shoes, which is to say most shoes hurt me, I hate shopping for them, and consequently I don't have many pairs. I'm down to one good pair of shoes for cold weather and anticipate being poorer after we move, so Francisco gave me the assignment of buying at least two pairs of shoes before we move. Assignment: Fulfilled, as of today, thanks to Zappos. I bought a pair of Danskos (on sale for $72) and a pair of Sketchers (t-strap shoes, not sneakers), and I WANTED this pair of Pumas but couldn't think of a way to justify the purchase. Believe me, I tried. Man, I tell you, if this Zappos thing works out, I might actually start liking shoes, and I think there's even a strong possibility I might buy some boots for winter. Because it's COLD in Ellensburg. Lots of snow I'll need to trudge through, you know; boots could really come in handy.

Songs of the Day:

Leslie and the LYs -- Ringa Ding Ding, at Looking At Them. This is the first time I've seen a Leslie and the LYs mp3 up for grabs (other than stuff on Myspace), and I am excited to pass it along to you.

The Weepies -- World Spins Madly On, at The Late Greats.

PAGING MAX! There are 3 Regina Spektor songs at Kill Your Coworkers.

PAGING EVERYONE WHO LIKES TO SHAKE IT: There are 5 Deee-Lite songs at Looking At Them, which appears to be my new favorite mp3 blog.

Did you watch Survivor this last season? We did, and I was sorta happy with Aras winning, because at least it wasn't that idiot Danielle, but Terry really did deserve it the most. The person I wanted to win was Cirie, but I never got my hopes up over it, because it didn't seem likely. I wish I lived next door to Cirie, she's Fantastic.

I've been slacking at work something fierce yesterday and today, probably because I found out recently that I've been extremely underpaid for years, and being valued that little doesn't make me want to bust my ass. But I need to make this my very last day of slack, because otherwise I'm going to be panicking in a couple of weeks. Resolved.

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