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My friends, I've been rather mentally ill, off and on, for the past week or two. I don't mean I'm truly, diagnosably mentally ill, but my mental health is definitely in the crapper. I apparently do not handle a cross-country move with grace and aplomb, because I remember being in almost this much turmoil when we were preparing to move from Pasadena to North Carolina. I'm having a lot of trouble sleeping, and my concentration during waking hours is as skittish as a newborn colt*. Plus I've been getting migraine headaches, which is so great, and by so great I mean not very great at all. So things are a little baddish right now, but not everything is bad. To wit:

1) Meathead showed up again and was laying on the back deck the other day for Chris to observe. Oh wait, I never told you about Meathead, did I? He's one of Princess's friends:

princess and meat head

That pic is from the first time we saw him--Princess brought him over a few weeks ago to say hi (Princess = white, Meathead = black). I would make some lame reference about ebony and ivory living together in perfect harmony except Princess didn't hesitate to whack Meathead across the face when I started to give Meathead love and attention. Therefore, not so much with the perfect harmony.

2) Francisco heard the neighborhood children screaming loudly and prolongedly outside a couple of days ago, and he went out to find them in our side yard, going apeshit because there was a 4 foot black snake slithering through the bushes. It climbed our fotinia and tried to raid a bird nest, except Curses! foiled--the nest was empty. Francisco said the snake draped itself around in the tree and laid there for several minutes while birds shrieked at it from higher branches and then climbed down and slithered away. Black snakes aren't venomous, just so you know.

3) Holy shit, can you believe it? I've been chosen to play for Mexico in the World Cup!

this is

This honor is truly unexpected and I assume all credit is due to my godlike left peg. [Psst! You can be similarly honored, with just a few minutes light labor. You'll have to copy/paste your preview sticker into Microsoft Paint, or some similar program--you won't be able to just download the pic to your computer.]

4) Two couples looked at our house this weekend:

A) Friday night when we were making dinner, the phone rang, and it was some people calling from out in front of our house. We had them come in and look things over, and they seemed quite interested, especially because they called us again about 45 minutes later to ask more questions about the house and to say they didn't have financing arranged but could do that on Monday. They were supposed to call again on Saturday but they didn't, so I guess they changed their minds. I would really have liked to sell our house to them for two reasons: a) They're immigrants (from somewhere in Eastern Europe, based on their accents) and b) they have triplets. TRIPLETS!

B) Saturday some people knocked on the door and apologized for not calling us--said they didn't have a phone with them--and we told them to come in. They seemed very relaxed and were not phased (at least not outwardly) by the chaotic state the upstairs was in at the time--we were painting Sharky's bedroom. They asked for dimensions of the rooms, which we didn't have at the ready, but Francisco measured the rooms yesterday and sent them an email. At this point we haven't heard back, but it's still encouraging that people want to look, and if we don't get this place sold in a couple more weeks, we'll turn it over to a realtor. Since we painted Sharky's room this weekend, the only room that looks rough is the office, but hopefully people will be forgiving of it since Francisco is still working on the dissertation. We plan to paint that room the weekend after next. Next Saturday we're having our yard sale.

5) Yesterday we had a very exciting hail storm:

hail bouncing off the house

The hail was huge and kept coming down for ten minutes (long enough to rip practically all the petals off the roses, dammit. and they were so pretty!). We had two more hail storms after that, but the hail was smaller and neither of those storms lasted very long.

6) We've gotten most of the big stuff on the House To-Do list done--the biggest still to do is the previously mentioned office painting, and we also have to paint the baseboards in the living room and bedroom, which will be a pain but not really difficult. So I feel less stressy now than I have been.

7) The cats are healthy--I took them for their annual checkup on Saturday [holy mother of something--the yowling, the YOWLING. I need to deafen myself in preparation for the cross-country drive] and they had bloodwork done, because they're almost 13 and are senior citizens. Esther's thyroid is in the high range of normal, and we'll need to get that checked periodically, and Lucy needs her teeth cleaned and to have some little bumps removed from her back as long as she's unconscious (they'll have to sedate her to clean her teeth). The vet says she's almost positive they're nothing, but that it would be good to have that confirmed. Question: What is wrong with me that I always forget and wear black outfits to the vet? I end up absolutely covered in white cat hair but chances are good that I'll wear black again the next time, for I am a slow learner.

8) the indignity

Okay, I think that's enough for now.

* Gosh, Eva, what a nice metaphor. Thank you very much, imaginary friend. |


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