those lockers never did anything to him



Earlier today Francisco told me he was going to walk on the treadmill, and I heard him walking, but then I heard something else so I went to look. What I saw was Francisco walking on the treadmill While dry-firing a gun (dry-firing=no bullets) at the lockers. He has a competition on Sunday and I guess it will involve walking toward targets while shooting, so he was practicing. Mm-hmm. So This is the kind of thing that goes on when I'm not home--I am not surprised.

Still sick and feeling worse. I probably should've taken a nap today, because I'm really tired, but instead I'll just hold out until later and go to bed early. Francisco's being sweet to me and he's going to get us some Mexican food tonight, because I want something spicy for dinner to hurt my throat a little. I really like spicy stuff when I have a sore throat; I don't know why.

Have a great night and weekend,


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