in which I admit that I am 8


I'm recovering from my illness now--it did indeed become a bad cold, which sucks because at any one time I only have one functional nostril. Like now, only the right one is working, and I've noticed the nostrils sort of trade off which one works and which doesn't--probably Teamster regulations. Alls I know is, it's too bad there's not a market for disgusting mucal secretions, because I could so be cashing in right now. I'm at work today and came in yesterday too, but Monday and Friday I was at home, which was sort of nice except I felt too crummy to enjoy it. Whatever; I'm on the mend.

I sewed my sweater together and it turned out pretty good except it's a little too big and I need to try and tighten up some of the seams, because they look funny. I don't care too much that it's big, because it also turned out to be a real polar weight-type garment, so I probably won't be wearing it to work or anything--it'll be more a sweater to wear with jeans on a very cold day. I got some yarn for a sweater for Francisco and will start on that very soon, but first I need to find a pattern I can sort of alter to make the exact sweater he wants--this will entail a trip to the library. Now that I've done one sweater start to finish, I'll be able to make Francisco's sweater a thing of beauty, or at least not look like crap.

All right, dammit. In the interest of truthtelling, I'm going to cop to something I'm a little bit embarrassed about. Last week I ordered a book of Viggo Mortensen's poetry and his most recent cd, AND I like them both a lot. This makes me feel like I'm approximately 8 years old with a crush on Shawn Cassidy, jealous of Melody Pinneo all over again because she had the baby blue satin jacket with Shawn Cassidy's picture on the back. Oh how I wanted that jacket! I digress. I don't know anything about poetry, but I know what I like, and I like what he writes. I like it so much I bought another book of his on Monday, from ebay this time because it's one that's out of print. And if I can digress one more time, with a public service announcement, before you go to ebay and start bidding on Viggo Mortensen's books or cds, go to Perceval Press first, to see what's available there. Some ebay sellers are advertising his books or cds as very rare, with high opening bids, that are still in print and can be bought from Perceval Press at reasonable prices. This really steams my beans and it must be stopped. Anyway, I guess that's all I wanted to say, that I've been reading the poetry and liking it, and maybe I'll try to find a baby blue satin jacket with Viggo Mortensen's picture on the back, just so I can have the full Tiger Beat experience. [Thanks, Diana!]

It might snow tonight and early tomorrow, so there's a chance our office might be closed, and sure enough my coworker with the irritating husband was up here a minute ago, to tell the second in command boss that she might not be in, if it snows and her husband won't let her drive. I loathe her husband; he is such a jerk and control freak. His name is Jason and we've turned him into a verb at home, as in "don't Jason me, Francisco" [when he wanted me to stay home sick another day]. Some of Jason's transgressions include making his wife return a hairbrush she bought because he deemed it too expensive, and insisting on having the new car they just bought be his car, even though her car breaks down all the time. What an asshole, I'm telling you. He is not popular with my coworkers, at all.

Goodnight kittens.


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