fire with fire


Hello World. I'm not crazy anymore! Over the 4 day weekend I grew a turtle's shell over the raw place in my chest, to protect it and allow it to heal, and it worked; I have returned to sanity. Big ups to me for fighting crazy with crazy--sometimes that's all a person can do, you know? I feel 100% better, though today I'm terribly worried about Lucy. She came home yesterday from her vet appt (tooth cleaning and removal of suspicious growths on her back) with a cone around her neck and 6 stitches in her shaved back (where the growths, which have turned out to be harmless cysts, were). When Francisco let her out of her carrier, she went absolutely apeshit from having the cone on, and Francisco feared for her safety, so he took it off. She then commenced biting at her stitches, and as of this morning she had removed 5 out of 6. I called the vet and he said they should be restitched, though he did say if we could get neosporin on them and bandage them in a way that she couldn't get at them, that would be okay too. I want to try that second thing, because there's no way she'll wear a cone, so she'd just end up pulling the stitches out again. Problem is, Francisco's not home today (another police ride-along) to neosporin or bandage her, and obviously neither am I, so we have to wait until tonight to do anything about it, and infection could set in, in the meantime. Therefore I am worried, but I'm trying not to think about it too much, because that would be contrary to my new Zen-like outlook on life and could severely damage my calm.

Also in the news of Eva:

1) I still have the cold and am v. groce, what with all the mucus production and whatnot. My energy level is a lot better today, so I guess I'm on the mend.

2) It snowed here on Friday morning, but then melted. It snowed again on Saturday and semi-melted, and then it snowed again Sunday and yesterday, and there was no melting. At this point I'm still enjoying it, probably because we can walk everywhere and don't have to worry about driving in it, though I have to drive to the next town over tonight, to observe/assist with a high school presentation. Last night when I was walking home from work it started snowing really really hard, and I kept inhaling huge snowflakes and coughing, and that made me laugh.

3) On Saturday afternoon Francisco took me to Target, in Yakima, so I could use the fabulous Target gift card my parents sent me for my birthday. I got tights and underpants and 8x10 frames and some Christmas decorations and I can't even remember what all. After Target, we went to lunch and then to a craft place so I could get double pointed needles, except I decided not to, because they were really effing expensive--I will order them from instead. And then we came home because I was totally worn out (see also: I have a cold)--the end.

4) On Sunday Francisco and I came to my place of employ and decorated my office. I had printed photos, for the 8x10 frames I got on Saturday, and I brought a string of lights and some mini ball ornaments and the clock Francisco's mom gave me for my birthday (soooo cool, I Love it). I also brought rubber lizards, bugs, and snakes I had glued magnets or tacks to, and put them on my bulletin board (tacks) and on the metal objects in my office (magnets). Francisco hung the clock and the photos and helped me hang the mini balls from the ceiling (really he did most of it) and my office is fabulous now, I'm so excited! I also brought in my doll heads, including the one Miss Catie sent me. Please see #5.

5) When I got home from work on Wednesday, there was a package from Catie on the kitchen table. Look what was inside!:

behold this awesome bounty

I love every single thing and WOW she is generous! I brought the smoking rabbit ("smorkin' labbit) to work along with the doll head; it's been incorporated into my display of lucky stuff. I wore the necklace all day on Thursday and most of the day on Friday, with my pajamas, and I think it helped ward off a little of the cold. Who Knows how sick I'd be right now, if not for that necklace?? Catie saved my life.

I need to post this now and get ready to leave early to go to the high school presentation thing. Rich is doing the actual presenting and I'm his assistant/observer; we are super prepared. I think it'll go well but the rumor is students are getting extra credit for attending, so there could be quite a large turnout, and we don't have enough stuff for a large turnout; hence, I'm sort of hoping most of the students are slackers and won't show up. Hoping that makes me feel sort of guilty and sort of not.

Have a great night!



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