la cucaracha


This morning when I was walking to work through the snow, it was 5 degrees. My face got cold really fast and I started thinking a ski mask would be a good idea, except for the obvious drawbacks of having smashed hair and whatnot for the rest of the day. But then I realized if I knitted the ski mask myself, I could make it look like a lucha libre mask, and now I'm seriously considering it, because how funny would that be?? I think VERY. I'm looking at ski mask patterns and I may have found a good one: stay tuned.

I think we've found a solution to Lucy's open wound problem; we've been cleaning them twice a day with peroxide, which of course she hates, and they haven't gotten infected. Francisco talked to the vet about the peroxide scheme yesterday and the vet clearly thinks we're pussies [no pun intended] for not getting her restitched, but he said the peroxide would probably work fine and to just bring her in if the sores start looking infected or if Lucy gets a fever. The wounds will scar, but Lucy's not a show cat, and anyway, her fur will grow back over the scars, so who cares? At this point we're all about minimizing any further trauma to the poor cat, and this is the least traumatic solution we can come up with. *Fingers crossed that it will work.*

We've been having an ant problem in the kitchen at work, and a couple days ago Rich suggested to the head secretary that maybe she could buy a can of ant killer (she does all the office purchasing), and apparently she hadn't thought of that, because she was really taken with the idea. I overheard her talking about Rich's big ant killer idea this morning (she was in the kitchen, which is right next to my and Rich's offices) and decided to be an IM smartass about it:

Eva: that ant killer idea was genius, man. alice has never been so impressed with you as she is at this moment.
Rich: no kidding
Eva: you're an effing braintrust
Eva: i'm going to make a statue of you out of paper mache
Rich: It's called raid. I think it's the third word learned in most Mexican families, right after mama y papa
Rich: She's forgets I'm half Mexican
Eva: oh shit that's funny
Rich: We once moved into an apartment that had so many cucarachas, that we had to sweep them up into piles after we carpet bombed the place
Eva: wow! that would be something to see.
Rich: I was too young to fully realize the hazard of so many of them. Besides, with the song "La cucaracha" distorting young Mexican children's perception of an otherwise universally recognized specimen of filth
Rich: You know, my brother once ate a bowl of Cap'n crunch that contained, no not a cockroach, but what appeared to be a nest
Eva: that makes my stomach hurt just to think of it
Rich: Needless to say, he didn't feel very well after that and was allowed to stay home from school
Eva: he ate the whole bowl?
Eva: i bet you were ready to eat a nest and stay home
Eva: admit it
Rich: Would you believe me if I told you he stopped immediately upon finding the nest
Eva: YES i'd believe you
Eva: hello it's a nest
Rich: Well then why would you ask such a question
Eva: i don't know dude. if he didn't actually consume the nest why would he get to stay home?
Rich: You have heard the song, "La cucaracha", have you not?
Eva: of course!
Eva: stupid
Rich: If not, I was thinking you could have that little kid down the street sing it for you
Eva: ah little julian. i'd love him to sing it to me, provided he ever gets off house arrest

As you can see, I don't have a lot of actual news to tell you, hence the posting of an IM that made me laugh.

I'm still dealing with the neverending cold--when I woke up this morning I was so congested my teeth hurt--and it appears Francisco is now getting the cold. This worries me, especially because he has his oral board exam for police on Monday, and I'm afraid a cold will interfere with his performance. I made him promise to buy and start eating those nasty Cold-Ease lozenges today, because I know those help, but we don't have any or I would have used them my own self. I'll take good care of him this weekend and hopefully he'll be well on Monday.

This university chooses a book every year to be read by the whole campus (or at least, those who choose to read it), and this year they chose Bill Bryson's A Short History of Nearly Everything. They gave copies to all students and faculty, and a couple of weeks ago decided they had enough to offer to the non-faculty staff; we ran to get ours the minute we got the email. I've been reading it and am finding it fascinating, plus I'm learning a lot. Two thumbs up.

That's all for today, my daleks.




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