am I overpaying for heads and torsos?


This morning a bus drove by my office with the name LAMERS on the side. LAMERS?? It could Possibly have been LAMEAS, but it sure looks like LAMERS. Either way, unfortunate name. Who'd want to ride around in that bus?

More fun with Craigslist. One thing I like about the Raleigh Craigslist is it doesn't have That many users, and almost no one seems to have figured out how fun it is to post fake ads there. I hope I'm amusing someone besides myself.

I have a question for you: WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE? "It's like experimenting with drugs," said Davies, who also has a 2-year-old daughter. "You just keep playing with it and it becomes customary. ... If it's OK to dress like a girl today, then why is it not OK in the future?" This woman really thinks a boy wearing a dress for fun is the same as using drugs? And what's wrong with a boy wearing a dress for fun or for any reason whatsoever? It IS okay to dress like a girl today And in the future, ma'am, you ignorant a-hole. I just don't get this, I really don't. These people think boys could become gay from dressing like girls? If one day of dressing like a girl is going to turn a boy gay, I'm thinking that boy was gay to start with. And there's nothing wrong with that! I am on SUCH a tear.

Stupid Tucker Max. Be less entertaining! I'm wasting way too much time over here.

Okay, something just occurred that has me at a complete loss. This morning my mom emailed to say that someone I knew from high school wants me to email her. Mom didn't give her my email address but sent this girl's to me, and I spent awhile trying to figure out if I wanted to email her or not. I ended up doing it because I didn't want her bothering my mom anymore. I basically sent a "what's up?" kind of thing--very short--and the email I got back this afternoon? Has me wishing I had let her bother my mom. This girl has always been unstable, but oh my WAX, she has graduated to full-on crazy. This email is unbelievable. She jumps right into her father's murder, a chronicle of her abuse from her stepfather, her anorexia, her experiences as a runaway, and on and on and on. I sat there reading it, thinking, "Eva, you stupid, stupid asshole". It's totally selfish, but I truly wish I hadn't emailed her, because now I'm stuck. If I don't respond, she will email me again and again anyway, and if I do respond, she will take that as a sign I Want her to email me constantly and tell me about her crazy life. If I respond and tell her I can't get involved with her and her craziness, she might become despondent and kill herself or something. I'm not kidding--this girl is nuts and I can't put anything past her. People, what am I going to do? At this point I think my only option is to email her and tell her I'm glad she's getting therapy, because it is important that she try to move on from the bad things that have happened to her, but also tell her, no, she can't have my home phone number. She wants to call me, but that would be a nightmare; there is no Way that's going to happen.

Other birthday gifts I received on Monday (telling you now, since I didn't tell you yesterday): The Niko cd I'd been wanting (thanks Mom and Dad!), a wonderful package from Atomic, containing many good things, including candy and chopsticks and joss papers (though I don't know what those are and forgot to open them and see), and a cool journal from my friend, Diana. This journal is great, because it's an old Golden Book that was taken apart and spiral bound so that the cover is the cover, and part of the story is at the front of the blank pages, and part is at the back. What a great idea! I wish I'd thought of it first. I need to fill up my current journal so I can start on that one.

I won the metal dollhead from eBay, and I was winning on the heads and torsos but I was outbid a few minutes ago. I Was determined to buy those, no matter what, but the price has shot up into a range where I am reluctant to follow. I mean, I wouldn't mind bidding a little higher, but it's starting to get to the point where I'm not sure it's worth it, and I'm also pretty sure those other bidders are willing to pay more than I am. What do you think? Are these creepy heads and torsos worth a lot more money? Advise me, wise ones.

I can't believe that email I got. It is seriously disturbing.

Going home to my sane people and cats now,
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