an igloo for Toby


I've decided to let the doll heads and torsos go, even though they DO have butt cracks, and as Kim pointed out via email, the butt cracks make them special. I was a little sad about giving them up, but the rapidity with which I was outbid the last two times I tried leads me to believe my bidding rival has fallen in love with the heads and torsos and is willing to pay a LOT more than I am. So, a little sad, but then I realized not buying the doll heads means I can spend more on Catie's cards and fabulous albums, and that makes me happy. Things always work out!

Still have not replied to the crazy email I got yesterday, but in the meantime, I got another one. It's shorter than the first but she manages to compensate for the length by concentrating the insanity--kind of like a magnifying glass concentrates light so little boys can burn ants. Oy. The receipt of this second email, so quickly after the first, makes me think I'm going to have to send a reply which says, essentially but in kinder words, "I can't deal with your insanity". I had planned initially to send a friendlier email than that, but I honestly don't want to encourage a correspondence or friendship with this person, because I know I won't be able to keep it up. I don't have the time or energy (or inclination, frankly) to give her the kind of support she needs, but fortunately she mentioned a therapist and counselor in her emails, and hopefully she is seeing them often.

You know what Francisco did for me that I've been forgetting to talk about until my entries are all written and ready to post, so I keep thinking, "I'll talk about that tomorrow"? He took some of my favorite photos from Scotland (plus a really great one of him and the Boy), printed them on good photo paper, and framed them. We both liked having them framed so much we bought more frames and printed more pictures, so that now we have the beginnings of a gallery wall in our living room. I love this! The photos look really good large and in frames, and it tricks me into thinking I'm a kickass photographer--I need a beret or something. We plan to keep this framing thing going, because we just really like it, and someday we can move the pictures to a Bigger wall! Dare to dream, Eva; dare to dream.

Last night when I was standing by the dryer, folding clothes, I saw some frantic movement through the back door (which has inset glass panels, so I can see out). It was Toby the neighbor cat. He was out there kind of pawing at the door, meowing (which is funny when you can see but not hear it), so I took pity on him and opened the door. He was in like a shot, and instead of sticking to the kitchen, he ran through and into the living room. I followed him because I knew if Esther saw him, there'd be a rumble. He saw her at the same time she saw him, and he looked a little panicked, so I picked him up and took him back to the back door. He scrambled out when I opened the door but sat outside looking in and meowing. Francisco decided to retrieve the igloo (the one we bought for the feral kittens) from the backyard and put it on the deck. I put some cat crunchies and water into bowls and we put them out, as well as putting a towel in the igloo for him. He inspected the igloo and ate some food while Esther sat by the door, looking out at him with hate-filled eyes. I've never known a cat that can project hate-rays quite as effectively as Esther; she's kind of the master. Anyway, we don't think he slept out there, but we're leaving the igloo anyway, because it's getting pretty cold here at night, and boyfriend might need a place to keep warm. I feel bad for him because he doesn't seem to be getting enough attention at home. Plus, he's got his nemeses, the puppies, to deal with. Oh the injustice!

That's about all I've got today.

Over and out.

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