a case of the Mondays


So, alluvasudden Esther has lost her confidence when it comes to jumping up on the bed. We've changed bedding (put the down comforter on the bed) and I think the bed now looks a lot higher to her than it did with the summer coverlet. What she's been doing at night is bustling around the bed, looking for a way up, and let me tell you, that cat is a loud walker; no graceful or stealthy slinking for her, oh no. It's all thumpa thumpa thumpa on the hardwood floors. After several trips around the bed, she gives up and jumps up right by my head, because that's the only place the comforter isn't. I hate when she does that; she isn't very precise and sometimes she steps on my face, but even when she doesn't, it ALWAYS wakes me up. If there was somewhere by the bed I could put a little staircase for her which would not cause Francisco and I to be in mortal danger of midnight toe-stubbing, I would absolutely do it. I have wondered if her back legs are weaker now that she's 15, and that could be a dual problem, but she had no problem jumping up when the bedding was thinner, so I think mainly she's psyching herself out. I love that fool cat.

This was a really good weekend, with just the right balance of relaxation + getting shit done. Francisco put the windows on the sun porch and cleaned it and we did some long overdue shredding and some laundry and some food preservation (freezing peppers), plus we each cooked a dinner and also went out for a lovely lunch on Sunday. And we watched some of Heroes season 2, via Netflix, AND there was a bit of sleeping in. Perfection. It makes coming back to work today all the more angry-making.

Our high maintenance Seattle friends are having a big Halloween party like they do every year, except this year it's on the 25th instead of on the same day as Lou's birthday party, so we have no ready excuse for missing it AND I was already planning to go to Seattle that weekend anyway instead of Francisco coming here. So I guess we're going to a Halloween party and I'm trying to think up the unsexiest possible costume for myself, to counteract the ridiculously skanky costumes the majority of the other females will be wearing. I was considering stealing the costume a friend of Jen's sported a couple years ago -- The Miracle of Birth -- but the idea of wandering around all night with my face and hair slathered in a cream cheese and jam slurry makes me want to retch. It's a genius idea but I don't think I can do it. Other Suggestions, Internet?

That's all I have for today.




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