meanwhile, ten years later...


Hello! I didn't mean to go so long without updating, but time got away from me. We had a wonderful Christmas and holiday season in general, and not a lot has happened other than we found out we're having a granddaughter and her name will be Millie. Really it will be Milihanna (silent h), but we'll call her Millie. I've done a little shopping for her and am contemplating what I want to knit and/or sew for her. I was a bit disappointed not to be getting a grandson, because I have that super awesome quilt idea for a boy, but maybe there will be a grandson someday I can make that for.

Since I updated last, I've been continuing to knit things and I bought a couple knitting books I think will help me use up my burgeoning yarn stash. I've also continued going to the UU Fellowship and recently accepted an invitation to be on the Membership Council. I went to my first meeting of that yesterday after the service, and the duties of the council are varied--mostly concerning the welcoming of visitors, the keeping track of members, and the well-being of members. I'm excited to be getting involved and excited to see how some of my strengths can be put to good use there. In a couple of months I can take the course I need to do prior to becoming a member, and baby, I'ma do it! These are definitely my people, and I want to stick around.

Ten years ago today I started this diary, and I'm so glad I did. For one thing, I've met amazing people who have become some of my favorite people in the world, and if that was the only thing I'd gotten out of this, it would be enough. But of course I've enjoyed the writing as well, though the frequency of updating has waned in the past few years and has become less television-oriented. I guess I should have thought up an insightful and profound bunch of things to say about ten years of diarying, but I didn't. Sorry. Purple monkey dishwasher.

Esther has decided that right now is Lap Time, which is unfortunate because she's making it hard to type, and also I need to get ready to go out for breakfast. Sighhh life is hard.

(no it isn't)




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