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1) The Shark wedding thing has worked out fine, so I was all crazyworried for nothing. Francisco's cop supervisor dude was able to get him the time off in July, and I got the time off, so everything is fine with that. Hopefully I will remember this the next time I'm about to have a giant freakout about a thing [not likely]. And actually, now that it's been resolved, I'm a little relieved that the wedding isn't in February, because my sweet Esther isn't doing very well and I suspect I won't want to leave her alone at home in February.

2) Re: Esther, she's been sleeping on my pillow for the last couple of weeks, which hasn't made for the most restful sleep ever, but I've been sleeping better since I posted last. I've been having chamomile tea every night before bed, and applying Aveeno's lavender baby calming lotion, and I think those things are helping, either in fact or via the placebo effect. I don't care which. Esther's coughing still wakes me up, but I can go back to sleep pretty quickly. I WILL say she can be a giant pillow hog, and it's vexing when I turn over and can't find a foot-free place to lay my head ON MY OWN PILLOW. But she also gets very loving during the night and cuddles up and purrs, so that makes the pillow hogging not so odious.

2a) Something else I think is helping with sleep is I'm back to using the treadmill in the mornings, and that helps in all kind of ways. I know exercise is a mood elevator, but I think another benefit is knowing I'm taking care of myself. When I don't exercise and/or do other things to care for my body, I feel more anxious, and it's gotta be because in some subconscious or unconscious part of my brain, I feel betrayed by my own neglect. That may not be the exact right way to describe it, but I'm really the only one who can take care of me, so when I don't do it, some part of me feels uncared for and worried. That's what I think, anyway. At any rate, since I've been back to exercising, I feel super awesome and much less anxious. I'll take it!

3) Okay, so I've continued going to the UU Church on Sundays, and my coworker friend, Kara, has also gone the last couple of weeks. I thought she'd hate it, but she likes it, exclamation point! Last week we even teamed up for the chalice lighting (we were asked before the service); I did the reading and she lit the candle. OH, and I'm SO EXCITED for the January 2nd service, because last week someone referenced the congregations' tradition of everyone writing down their year's goals anonymously, and then someone reads them out. This happens during the first service of every year, so you can believe I'll be there, no matter what. I don't know why I'm so totally stoked about that, but OMG I am.

4) My digestive problem flared back up a couple weeks ago, but I was able to manage it quite well, and then I got the idea to try Prilosec, because the upper abdomen bubbling/discomfort feels just like what I was experiencing in the summer of 2008, and at that time Doctor had me try Prilosec, which fixed me right up. I didn't have any intestinal issues at that time, but the stomach stuff was the same. ANYway, I got some Prilosec and took it for 4 days. After 2 days the bubbling was gone, but after 4 days I was a bit constipated (sorry, Internet. my apologies), so I stopped taking it because that is just not acceptable to me. The bubbling didn't come back, so I figure I'll just bust out the Prilosec at the first sign of stomach bubbling, and that will be how I deal from now on, or until that stops working. I considered asking for the endoscopy, but with the holidays and whatnot, the idea of adding in an endoscopy felt like too much. Maybe next time.

5) Current Baby Jesus count: 14. I've been visiting the thrifts every weekend, and I've been having to buy at least a Mary and Joseph with each Baby Jesus, but that's okay because the crowd around the Baby Jesuses is getting pretty impressive. Besides the Baby Jesuses, my favorite nativity figures are the shepherds that are wearing lambs around their necks like they were fox stoles. We only have 2 of those, but I'm on the lookout.

6) Listen, I totally forgot to tell you this (and I estimate only 19% of you will care), but for the last ten years or so, my cholesterol has hovered around 200, which is officially high, except my good cholesterol is high, so doctors have never been worried. But this year when I had my blood work, my cholesterol was 149. I couldn't imagine why it would suddenly change like that, but then I read an article in a magazine which mentioned that fish oil lowers cholesterol, and hey! I've been taking that twice a day for my dry eyeballs! It hasn't done a thing for my eyes, but if that's what made my cholesterol drop, I will take it twice a day forever.

Hmm. 19% might be a little high.

7) Christmas. Last night after work I went grocery shopping to get supplies for Christmas Eve dinner, which I'm hosting for Twyla and her family, plus Francisco's mom. Francisco has to work that night, but he hopes he'll be able to drop by home on a break from drunken domestic violence calls and eat some food. I decided to make lasagna with garlic bread and salad and a selection of little munchy things, plus brownies for dessert. Tonight I need to make the last present so that tomorrow I can just wrap presents and make food and not have to do anything else. Christmas day we'll go over to Twyla's for gifts and hanging out and pot roast lunch. Yay! Then on Sunday I'll go to church, and basically I think I'm going to have a lovely long weekend. I hope so, because on Monday I'll be the only counselor in the office, which means 6 hours of talking to students; most of whom will be weeping because they failed all their classes and are losing their aid. It will be wearisome, but less so if I'm refreshed from the weekend. That is my plan.

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas, if you celebrate it, or a great weekend if you don't.




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