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2003-08-08 has Such a cute summer skirt pattern; I would make it if I were smaller right now (I'll make it next summer). If you knit, you should definitely take a look at it. There are a lot of great free patterns on that site--it's definitely recommended.

Francisco and I have some friends who are Crazy, but in a really good way. We've known them since before we got married, but we aren't in close contact with them because they live in Seattle and we don't, and we are very poor corresponders. Three years ago we found an announcement in our mailbox that they had adopted 3 children. They have two daughters that they birthed themselves, but they had adopted three boys because they are brothers and were orphaned in Liberia. Going from a family of 4 to a family of 7 has been a huge adjustment for all of them, but things have worked out great and the boys are happy to be in such a stable family. Last weekend we found an announcement in our mailbox from them, saying they are quitting their jobs and are moving to rural Washington to open a home for Liberian war orphans. Which is completely insane, But In a Good Way. They are never boring, for sure, and I hope it all works out perfectly for them.

Nectarines smell really good--I have a nice ripe one on my desk, waiting for later, and I keep getting little whiffs of it. I had the thought that I should buy some nectarine-scented perfume but then I remembered that I have peach perfume oil and every time I've worn it people have said, "What stinks?" Which is funny to me, actually, because I can say, "It's me!", but I don't want to gross anybody out with my peachy odor.

I'm looking forward to our little trip east tomorrow, to pick the Boy up from camp. Francisco got a book on tape from the library (a P.G. Wodehouse story--we love those) and I have yarn and am going to knit when I'm not driving. After we pick Boy up we're going to stop at an enormous flea market that is on the way back, because it'll be fun. Also on the way back we're going to stop at that good barbecue place again, and I'm going to have barbecue with green beans and coleslaw, and man if that doesn't sound good to you, you don't know from barbecue. Of course getting Boy back is the best thing about the trip, but it will be fun for other reasons.

People are all the time talking to me about their food, and I don't know if people are talking about food more nationwide, or if it's just these freaks I work with. This morning the boss told me (unsolicited) that he's been eating really healthy this week, which to him means cutting out red meat and a couple of other things. Possibly he's forgotten about those Oreos he hossed down earlier this week, hmm? Also this morning, Weird Scott told me he wasn't feeling well because he'd eaten a bagel and it was too many carbs. He then went on to tell me his whole diet regime, and went into detail about the spirulina shakes he has every day for lunch. Now, I've heard of spirulina, but I never really knew what it was, so I asked. He said it is algae and I almost gagged, because I was picturing that scum-like algae that forms on ponds and stuff. He said it tastes fishy, so he doesn't add too much to his banana smoothie. A fishy banana smoothie--now That's gracious living. I think it's interesting how people have so many different ideas of what's healthy. I think red meat is totally healthy, though I wouldn't eat it every day. No, belay that, I Have been eating it every day, as corned beef on a open-face sandwich, for lunch. [Sidebar: Corned beef is so, So good--I recommend it highly, especially the good stuff Whole Foods has.] So there you go; one person cuts out red meat and another eats it every day. Neither is dead--such is the way of the world. Personally I'm having fantastic results with the Schwarzbein Principle food plan, though I had to tweak it a little to suit me. But did I try to tell Weird Scott to lay off the spirulina and lay on the Schwarzbein? No I did not--people make up their own minds about things like that, and Weird Scott is more stubborn than average. He can have his fish shakes and feel good about them, but just so we're clear? Yuck.

Do you think it's too early to be thinking about what Xmas gifts I'm going to make? Yeah, okay, it's too early. But lately I've seen all these cool projects on the interweb, some with knitting and some not, and since I would be making these things as gifts and most of my family has already had their birthdays this year, I'll be making them for Xmas. We're staying in NC for Xmas this year, and though I will miss seeing my parents and siblings, I will Not miss the traveling. I think Francisco's mom might come out for Xmas, especially since Elsee, Sammy and Lou are probably going to Hawaii for the holiday. They invited us to go, but I just can't work up the gumption to fly all that way, even though it would be beautiful and fun. And I think I'd rather save the vacation time (and the money! My god, the money!) for next summer. We told Boy that if he does well in French 2 (he took French 1 last year) we'll take him to France next summer, so hopefully he does well because I want to go. I think we'd pop over to Germany as well, as long as we're on the continent and all. I hate flying but I love going places. I wish teleportation were possible, though not if you could only teleport naked, as Francisco suggested would be the case during a recent discussion. I mean, how would you work that? You'd have to teleport directly into a clothing store and run around putting things on, and you'd risk getting arrested for public nudity. It would probably be more trouble than it was worth.

Lately we've been talking a lot with Elsee about the Wedding Chapel idea, and we want to do it but we're going to wait awhile after moving to Seattle. I think that's for the best, but also what we've been talking about is getting property big enough to support two houses, so we can live next door to each other. And see, I'm more excited about that now than the chapel, because I think it would so great to live next to them. I really Really hope we can work that out.

I guess I oughta go do some more work now, since they're paying me and all. Have a terrific weekend, one and all.


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