my new favorite store that I haven't actually bought anything at yet


I found an internet store today that I'd like to share with you, in case you want the information. I found it because I want to buy a new swimsuit (or hell, maybe 2) before we go to Hawaii, and since it's almost impossible to do this in-person at a retail shop (what with the 15 minutes suits are actually available, in like February each year) I've been looking online. And getting upset. Sometime in the next couple of years it's my goal to have a breast reduction, because truly I am so effing sick of these tits I could rip them off and throw them. In the meantime, however, they must still be adequately covered in public, which is where my frustration comes in. First of all, there are not nearly as many underwire suits as I think there should be. Granted I am biased on this issue, but still, there should really be more. FACT. Second, I can't imagine why swimsuit manufacturers mostly only make up to a D cup--there have been loads of articles lately (or maybe I just have an eagle eye when it comes to this issue) about how most women are wearing too small a cup size. Probably because they have HAD TO due to the dearth of sizes available in most stores. Fuck you, stores! [I am really getting worked up over here--can you tell?]

So I've been looking at swimsuits online and seeing one pieces sized with just normal clothes sizes (will not work for me) or seeing two pieces sized with clothes sizes or the ever-unhelpful sm/med/lg (also will not work) or seeing two pieces sold separately (a step in the right direction!), but the tops only go up to D cup. I was wondering if I was going to have to make my own swimsuits--a daunting prospect, for sure, and NOT something I wanted to do, when lo and behold, I found this site. The clouds rolled back dramatically and angels sang. Forsooth! A shop selling swimsuits with bra sized tops in cup sizes B to N! Are you fucking kidding me? I was so happy I teared up a little, especially because the suits are actually cute! Not ugly like you might suspect they'd be on such a specialty site. I didn't buy a suit right then and there, but I bookmarked the site for later and then wrote a note to the proprietor, thanking her for having the bra sizing and promising I'd be back later. And I will be; I just want to wait a couplethree more months, on account of some lifestyle changes I've made that are having an effect on my clothes sizing. Do you know, I'm actually Excited to buy a swimsuit now. This has never happened before.

There you have it; my whole entry for the day.




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